Mind-blowing Mobile Gadgets That Most People Do Not Know About

Here are some of the example of smartphone accessories that most people have never seen before.


Wireless Laser Keyboard Projector

This device is looking like something from sci-fi movies.  ShowMe is a virtual laser projection wireless keyboard that is able to project a keyboard on any flat surface. It works by a sensor that detects an infrared light reflection off your finger as you click and computes it as a keystroke.

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iPhone DSLR Case

IPhone Case

An awesome smartphone case with a 4K HD sharp lens and .63x lens that could give a super wide angle of shooting field with no distortion or degradation of the image quality.

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Jalaka Dual

Jakala Dual

Handy and great looking mobile stand. The biggest difference to other smartphone stands is the versatility. The telescopic legs make it easy to adjust the angle how you like. Another way to use the Jalaka Dual is to enhance grip and to mount the attached device to your car dashboard.

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Wireless Earplugs


A fantastic gadget for sports lovers. The best three devices in this category are Hush, Earin, and Bragi. Just try them and get unique cable-free sound experience.

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Gamer Gadget for Touch Screen

Fling mini

If you are a passionate gamer who loves first person shooters or sports games, you probably know the situation when your fingers were just not over the virtual touchpad and the game stopped reacting. Solve this problem with Fling mini.

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Smart FishFinder

Deeper fish finder

Do you know that you can detect fish underwater with your smartphone? Deeper can detect the movement of fish within a 50m radius and reflects it on the smartphone screen.

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Smart Card

smart card

Square Register takes the mobility of your smartphone as an advantage and lets you accept any card payment anywhere and anytime. The buyer signs on the smartphone for payment authorization and the encrypted information is sent to your bank.

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Mini Projector

The Pico Genie A100 is a speaker enabled projector in the same size as your smartphone. The outcome is a 60″ viewing area with sound effect. Perfect light and portable gadgets for your presentation.

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Crash Sensor

Crash sensor

Mount the ICEdot Crash Sensor on your helmet and your life will be little safer. This device will notify your emergency contacts and can send GPS details and location to initiate rescue attempts should and accident occur.

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Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

blood pressure

This little gadget helps you monitor the blood pressure and sync your data within the VitaDock app for future reference.

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