Myo Gesture Control Armband Review – Surprisingly Awesome

What is Myo Gesture Control Armband?

This device will theoretically allow you to control tons of things on your computer and on your phone through the use of your arm muscles and movements. Along with the small Bluetooth adapter micro USB cable, you have the Myo itself. It looks very sci-fi inspired, comes with the white or black design. The band is expandable between 7.5 and 13 inches and it weighs around 90 grams. On the inside is packed ARM Cortex M4 processor, stainless steel EMG sensors. For the feedback with the user, the Myo has dual indicator LEDs and a haptic feedback vibration.


Myo Armband – How easy is it to use?

The setup process for Myo is pretty straightforward. Just download the software of the Myo website, load up the started guide, run the update, name your device and follow the instruction on how to put it on.

Myo Armband is able to work with a variety of apps including things from Powerpoint, Adobe Reader to Netflix and VLC. And if you think that you need more apps to interact then go to the Myo website and download hooks for another software.


Armin van Buuren controls lights and stage effects live using MYO Armband