NATEDE By Clairy Is Beautifully Designed Smart Air Purifier


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When you are dealing with asthma and allergies or if you simply want better air quality in your home, you may have come across air purifiers when searching for healthier home air problematics online.

You probably read something about these devices that can remove harmful allergens, pollutants, and toxins from the air at your home. This air cleaning hardware helps ensure that you are living the healthiest life possible while many of us are spending a huge amount of time indoors.

We are introducing you NATEDE, a smart and natural air purifier for your home or office. An interesting mix of innovative technology and simple design.

NATEDE has the most advanced sensors and it leverages a new photocatalytic filter, which does not need to be replaced, eliminating waste and extra expenses. Thanks to the combination of the plant with this innovative filter, this air purifier successfully eliminates 93% of VOCs, 99% of bacteria, viruses, fine-particulate and odors.

Advanced Sensors


Sensors inside NATEDE specially designed with accuracy in the mind. They can accurately measure the humidity and temperature of a room, detect pollutants, fine particulates, and carbon monoxide. The advanced premium model can also indicate carbon dioxide.


NATEDE purifier
Image: Clairy


Mobile App


The smart home is not a dream anymore. More and more devices can be connected to home Wi-Fi and controlled remotely. NATEDE by Clairy is one of them. Through the app, you are able to monitor the air quality, manage fan speed, or select operating modes from everywhere. It features also Bluetooth and can be connected to other smart home devices, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for controlling it with voice commands.


Touchless Control


The proximity sensors let you turn the purifier On and OFF by simply moving your hand close to it.


Photocatalytic filter


Now, it’s going to be interesting. The photocatalysis is an action when the light energy starts a process which destroys all kind of bad air pollutants and turns them into harmless substances instead. 

The filter inside NATEDE captures and eliminates VOCs, viruses, and bacteria, and it can significantly alleviate odors from pets, cigarettes and cigars, cooking, mildew, etc. (source). The combination of a photocatalytic filter with the plant guarantees a great improvement in performance. What´s more interesting – filter does not need any replacement.


NATEDE smart air purifier
Image: Clairy



Self Watering System


The combination of living plant and cleaning technology is a fantastic idea. And the addition of a self-watering system that reduces water consumption and can keep the plant alive for about a month is absolutely amazing.


The mix of Italian design, innovative technology and the power of indoor plants to remove toxins from the air sounds like an interesting idea for many people who just help finance the project on Kickstarter. If you also want NATEDE, back the campaign for $165 (53% OFF retail price) and get one shipped at your doorstep in December 2018.


Designer: Clairy

All images via Clairy





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