Best Key Finders 2023 – Never Lose Your Wallet, Keys or Phone Again

Never lose your wallet again… and not the only wallet. Keys, phone, or luggage.

These clever gadgets are specially designed to track your belongings in a matter of seconds. With a click of a button, these smart devices will ring your smartphone or send you an alert when you are leaving your house without your wallet or keys.

Let´s take a closer look at some of the best key finders in 2023 that will definitely help you find your lost items.





Tile Pro (2018) - 2-pack (1 x Black, 1 x White) - Discontinued by Manufacturer
Tile Mate (2016) - 4 Pack - Discontinued by Manufacturer
Key Finder Locator Tracker - Anti-Lost Key Finder Bluetooth Smart Item Tracker Locator for Find Cellphone, Wallet, Bags and Pet, Luxsure Item Finder Lost Keys Finder Compatible for iOS/Android (White)





Tile Pro (2018) - 2-pack (1 x Black, 1 x White) - Discontinued by Manufacturer



Tile Mate (2016) - 4 Pack - Discontinued by Manufacturer



Key Finder Locator Tracker - Anti-Lost Key Finder Bluetooth Smart Item Tracker Locator for Find Cellphone, Wallet, Bags and Pet, Luxsure Item Finder Lost Keys Finder Compatible for iOS/Android (White)


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Best Wireless Key Finder – TILE PRO

tile key tracker
Credit: Tile

Tile PRO Specifications: SIZE: 41.6mm x 41.6mm x 6.5mm | RANGE: 300ft (91m) | BATTERY: Up to 365 days, replaceable | SOFTWARE: Tile app

PROS: Replaceable battery • Loud • Awesome range Works well even without Tile Premium subscription

CONS: Expensive • Isn’t water-resistant

If you are looking for the best tracking device for keys than Tile is the best brand in the business. After a huge success with Tile Mate, they continue to strengthen their Nr.1 position on the market with Tile PRO. These two devices also solve one of the biggest problems with the older ones… you haven´t been able to replace the battery powering any trackers from Tile. Now, the new Tile PRO with the possibility to replace the battery should last considerably longer.

Tile PRO comes with a brand new design – a metal core with plastic on either side a hole for the keyring and a button in the center for first pairing with your smartphone. Not only design is new in comparison with Tile Mate. You also get a sound that is twice as loud as the previous model and an increased Bluetooth range of up to 300 feet (91 meters).

One of the benefits of using Tile key trackers is that the location of the items is picked up by other users of the Tile app. It is called Community Find and can be incredibly useful if you lose your key or wallet in public places. If someone with the running app wall passes, the app will record the location of the lost item and send you a notification with the exact position.

Another new feature is the integration with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri to ring a targeted Tile tracker. It can be quicker to ask Alexa than to unlock your phone and open the app to find your keys – especially when you’re in a hurry.

Best Key Finder For The Money – TILE MATE

Tlie Make Key Finder
Credit: Tile

Tile MATE Specifications: SIZE: 35mm x 35mm x 6.2mm | RANGE: 150ft (45m) | BATTERY: Up to 365 days, replaceable | SOFTWARE: Tile app

PROS: Good price • Replaceable battery • Two-way find feature • Works well even without Tile Premium subscription

CONS: Isn’t water-resistant • Small discovery range

Tile Mate is one of the most popular and best-selling trackers around for helping you locate lost wallets, keys, or other belongings. It is small, well-designed, discreet, and does exactly what you need it to. Did you lose your wallet? Tile Mate can easily track the location history of your wallet to get you a better idea of where you last had it. Or use the Community Find feature to discover if any Tile user is nearby and get an alert into your phone with the location of your lost item.

The updated version of the Tile Mate has a range of 150 feet (45 meters) which is unfortunately only half the range of Tile Pro but still up 50% better from the last generation. The new version also offers a louder speaker which is incredibly useful for finding your items stuck on the couch and a replaceable battery, so the tracker will last longer than a year.

Best GPS Tracker – SPY TEC STI GL300

Spy Tec STI GL300
Credit? SpyTec

Spy Tec STI GL300 Specifications: SIZE: 4.8mm x 5.6mm x 13.7mm | RANGE: GPS, International Roaming | BATTERY: Up to 2 weeks, rechargeable | SOFTWARE: SpyTech app, integration with Google Maps

PROS: Fantastic battery life • Good accuracy

CONS: You need to pay extra to get the full potential of the GPS tracking

The STI GL300 is not exactly a key finder as the two devices we introduced to you above, but a personal GPS tracker – one of the best you can buy. It allows you to track your partner, kids, vehicle, and valuables and show you where they are at all times.

The small size of STI GL300 Mini makes it easy to attach to your valuables or to slip into a backpack. The tracker communicates with GPS satellites to find its location and then transmits the information via the cellular network to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

One of the greatest strengths of the STI GL300 GPS tracker is its incredible 2-week battery life. This can be achieved due to an accelerometer inside the device that turns it off when it’s not moving. This is one of the best battery life we’ve seen in personal GPS trackers in this price range.

Best Cheap Key Finder – TRACKR PIXEL

TrackR Pixel key locator
Credit: TrackR

TrackR Pixel Specifications: SIZE: 2.5mm x 5.7mm x 2.5mm | RANGE: Up to 100ft (30m) | BATTERY: 3 months, replaceable | SOFTWARE: TrackR app

PROS: LED lights for better finding your items in the dark • Audible alarm • Small size

CONS: Not the best performance • Isn’t waterproof

The TrackR Pixel is a small, cheap Bluetooth tracker that can be easily attached to keys, wallet, handbags, or anything else you are likely to lose. An upgrade from TrackR Bravo, the keyring-sized device has a few interesting features such as its LEDs for a better location in the dark and a replaceable battery for longer longevity.

As with a Tile, you can use the help of the community via the Crowd Locate feature, so when some TrackR user is in the range of your lost item, you will receive an alert on your smartphone.

Best Smart Key Finder – LUXSURE ANTI-LOST TAG

best tracking device for keys
Credit: Luxsure

Luxsure Anti-Lost Tag specifications: SIZE: 3.8mm x 3.8mm x 3.9mm | RANGE: Up to 100ft (30m) | BATTERY: Up to 8-10 months, replaceable | SOFTWARE: Luxsure app

PROS: Sturdy build • Low-energy battery • Reliable wireless connection

CONS: The wire can be easily cut off • Difficult to understand the instructions

Luxsure comes with a smart anti-loss tag app to find keys, wallets, remotes, etc. Its incredibly effective app will beep when the devices have been disconnected and track the last location of signal loss. Also, the Luxsure Anti-Lost Tag benefits its user community by helping you locate your lost items.

The small size, durable plastic build and elegant design make the smart tracker an ideal device to be attached to keys, remotes, or even pets. The Luxsure also comes with an easily replaceable battery that will last up to 8-10 months.

Best Key Finder Buying Guide And FAQs

What Is A Key Finder

A key finder, also known as keyfinder, key locator, or electronic finder, is a small-sized electronic device used to locate lost key sets or other belongings. Their main goal is to reduce the time it takes to locate keys or other personal items while remaining unobtrusive. Some key finders beep on demand. (Source)

How Does A Key Finder Work?

Most modern key finders tend to fall into one of two main categories: Bluetooth and Radio Controlled.

Bluetooth Key Finder: These devices use Bluetooth signals to connect the receiver to an app in the smartphone. Thanks to this technology, you can see the lost items on a real-time map or use the support of the community.

Radio Controlled Key Finder: Instead of Bluetooth, these locators use a radio signal to connect the receiver with a transmitter. The radiofrequency has a good range and can go easily through walls, doors, cushions and any other material between you and your lost item. Some of these key finders also have LED lights, so when you press the button, the wanted device will light up and beep.

Tips When Buying A Key Finder

RANGE: What does the range of key finder mean? It is simple, the range indicates how far away you can be from your keys and still have a connection to your smartphone. Most key finders have a range between 150 – 300ft, but you should always keep in mind, that this is an advertising value – the actual range is in more cases less.

SOUND: With an alarm sound you can easily locate your lost item, so always check the decibel ratio of the key locator before you buy. For a good loud sound, go for at least 80 decibels.

BATTERY LIFE: A replaceable battery should be a standard here. If you find a device with non-replaceable batteries then it should run at least for 10 months, with a replaceable count of about 5-6 months.

FEATURES: Having a device with a two-way finding feature is always a smart idea. With this feature, you can locate your connected phone just with a press of the button on the key finder. Many of these devices also come with their own app with a user-friendly interface where can you find all that you need.

What Key Finders Cost

A good wireless key finder costs between $20 and $40. Of course, there are a few cheaper options, but in this price range, your item locator should have all the useful features you need, decent battery life, and at least 100ft range.


We hope this best key finder review helps you find some great gear that you’ll love to use. If you found this guide helpful, please feel free to share it with friends.

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