Night Runner Led Shoe Lights – Best night running lights ever

Night Runner Led Shoe Lights – the best lights for runners at night out there. Nothing else comes close.

They can last for 2 weeks between charges and can turn running on local trails into a joy rather than a fear. Easy to put on/take off, bright-bright-bright, stay-in-place, and super rugged.

WHAT IS Night Runner 270°?

Simply said: headlights for your running shoes.

Night Runner Shoe LightsIf you run in the dark these Night Runner Led Shoe Lights are a necessity for your safety! They are easy to use, easy to charge, lightweight (as in you can’t feel them), and you are definitely visible. We receive compliments and questions about these lights for runners at night every time we wear them (which is often). We’ve referred several other runners to the product and they are also satisfied. These are great for early morning and evening runs – solo, or in a group. Others can see you clearly as you approach from a far distance. If you are leading a group of runners, the red lights on the back of the unit are visible from quite a distance as well. The front lights create enough visibility for your path so that you aren’t surprised by sidewalk cracks, broken bricks, branches, potholes, or other potential safety hazards. These would also be great for dog walkers. Still, can’t believe how many people have stopped us while we are out running to ask about the lights. Your safety matters – you will be seen! Finally a handsfree running light that truly lights the sidewalk.


  • Two ultra-light LED light units – 1.5 oz. 
  • Back-facing red tail lights
  • 4-8 hour battery life
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • 150 total lumens
  • 30+ meters in beam distance
  • Bi-lateral ‘wing’ design
  • Water-resistant unit
  • Secure, stable, multi-position shoelace clips



  • There are 256 million runners, walkers, hikers, and cyclists in the USA
  • Every eight (8) minutes a runner, walker, or cyclist is injured by a vehicle
  • Half of vehicular-pedestrian fatalities occur between 6pm and midnight
  • 100% of people prefer injury-free runs




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