Notification Bar Keeps Pulling Down Randomly on Android

It’s frustrating when you’re using your phone and the notification bar randomly pops down. It isn’t just an annoyance, though. It can cause you to be unable to use the opened app because it doesn’t react.

And it is certainly not a rare problem. On the contrary. Many Android users noticed that the phone seems to randomly react even if they are not touching the screen.

So, what to do if your notification bar is constantly pulling down and interrupting your browsing experience?

We know that it can be incredibly annoying and it is also impossible to tell when it will happen. This can result in an awkward situation when you’re working on a task that requires lots of focus, or if you’re surfing the web and give up on an article because you were interrupted by a notification bar popping up.

Here are some common fixes for this problem.

Clean Your Phone Screen

One of the easiest ways to keep your phone’s notification bar from pulling down is by using a cleaning cloth and using it on your device screen. Not only will it keep the notification bar from pulling down, but it will also help clean and maintain the screen of your device.

Restart Your Device

If cleaning the screen doesn’t help to fix the issue, the next logical step is restarting your phone.

When the phone is acting up, sometimes it can be a simple fix. For example, if there is an annoying notification bar behavior, you may need to restart your phone. Restarting your phone will erase the memory of the device and will also help with any glitches.

Uninstall The App That is Causing The Problem

android notification bar issues

Your notification bar randomly drops down and remains in place, blocking your screen, until you touch the screen. In fact, this weird behavior can occur when you update the app on your Android phone.

Developers are constantly updating their apps, but sometimes they are causing issues until they release another update. This even happens to me after an Instagram update, when the notification bar randomly pulls down every time I use my phone.

It can be fixed by downgrading or deleting such a problematic app. However, it can be quite difficult to find the problematic app on your phone.

Here is what should you do:

STEP 1: Reboot your phone to Safe Mode by holding the power button on the side of your phone and then tapping a reboot option for a few seconds.

Important: Safe mode starts up with the basics and blocks anything not already on your phone before you bought it, giving you a clean slate. If the device performance improves in safe mode, it’s likely that one or more downloaded applications are affecting the device negatively.

STEP 2: If the notification bar drops down randomly even in Safe Mode, the issue is mostly with your phone and not apps.

STEP 3: If the issue doesn’t occur in Safe Mode, try uninstalling all apps one by one until the issue goes away.

Bottom Line

It’s really annoying when your notification bar keeps pulling down randomly on Android. You can’t even use your phone!

This is a really widespread problem and needs a solution. This article introduces you to the most common methods you can use to fix this problem, but there are also other solutions. Check out dedicated Android forums if you need more help.

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