Passport Adapter – Last Universal Adapter And Charger The Traveler Need

Passport Adapter - Last Universal Adapter And Charger The Traveler Need

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When traveling you want to enjoy the new country you are in and don’t want to worry about charging your devices. Don’t waste time with browsing the internet and looking for voltage/frequencies used for a country you want to visit. Stop checking if you need a power plug adapter or voltage converter, just take with you a universal travel adapter.

You can find lot great travel adapters on Amazon, but a lot of them have a little issue. A single-use fuse. What is that?

An electrical fuse is a current interrupting device which protects an electrical circuit in which it is installed by creating an open circuit condition in response to the excessive current.

There is a high chance that your travel adapter will fail because of the single-use fuse. This thinking stays behind the idea of Passport Travel Adapter. A device trying to solve the problem about charging devices while traveling. The difference between Passport by Zendure and other international travel adapters on the market is an auto-resetting fuse. This allows the device to recover from an overload on its own within just one minute, making it most resilient travel adapter ever.

Auto-resetting fuses are commonly seen in the aerospace industry, but it’s never applied in travel adapters before due to cost and size. It took us a long time and hundreds of experiments to finally be able to customize the perfect auto-resetting fuse at the right cost and size for our product.

Passport Adapter - Last Universal Adapter And Charger The Traveler Need

Passport Adapter Key Features


The auto-resetting fuse can usually fix itself in less than a minute.


Equipped with four press and slide buttons to adjust the prongs for different countries easily and quickly with just one hand.

Four USB ports

Enough ports for delivering up to 5A/25W and allowing to charge the devices even faster.

Universal AC outlet

The universal AC outlet of Zendure Passport covers over 150 countries and the all-in-one plugs can transform into the EU, US, Australia, and UK plugs.

Don’t be just like everyone else, and enjoy the worry-free travel with this universal and powerful adapter. Visit the Passport campaign on Kickstarter. You can get it for just $39 if you are quick.

Designer: Zendure

All images Zendure/Kickstarter

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