Philips Hue Bloom vs. Iris: Which Should You Actually Buy?

In 2012 Philips introduced its Hue smart lighting system, allowing for color and brightness control from a tablet or smartphone. Since then, the company comes with a growing range of light bulbs and light fixtures you can choose from.

If you need a premium lighting solution for your home than Philips Hue is still the go-to service. Today, we want to compare two of the models in the Hue lineup – Philips Hue Bloom vs. Iris.

Philips Hue Bloom


Philips Hue Bloom smart bulb
Credit: Philips

The Philips Hue Bloom is designed as an easy-to-use, plug and play solution for people who are just looking to add some ambient lighting to the Hue systems in their home. In addition to all of this, the smart bulb saves tons of energy. Using the LED technology, the Hue Bloom can deliver at least 70% energy savings when compared to standard bulbs.

PROS: Nice design • Over 16 million colors • Real-time light effects•  Remote control via Philips Hue Bridge and app

CONS: Only 120 lumens • Fixed angle


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Philips Hue Iris


Philips Hue Iris smart bulb
Credit: Philips

The Philips Hue Iris is a large wall light that can output a huge amount of light. It shines at 210 lumens, enough to light up the entire room. Do you wish to wake up slowly with a whole ceiling or wall, gradually getting brighter over time? Then Hue Iris is a great in-room mood lighting for you.

PROS: 210 lumens • Over 16 million colors • Remote control via Philips Hue Bridge and app

CONS: Consumes more power • Bulky


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Philips Hue Bloom vs. Iris – Things in Common


COLOR RANGE: Both the Iris and the Bloom can deliver over 16 million colors that can be fully customized and changed with the official app.

APP: The easy-to-use app which needs an internet connection, is capable to adjust the different settings of your smart lighting system.

VOICE ASSISTANTS: Both models offer integration with trending voice assistants like Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa.

PHILIPS HUE BRIDGE: Connecting these lights to a Philips Hue Bridge is required for using both models. The Hue Bridge is the hub, the brain of the Philips Hue ecosystem that enables to control of all Philips Hue products.


Philips Hue Bloom vs. Iris – Differences


BRIGHTNESS: One of the biggest differences between Philips Hue Bloom and Iris is the brightness. The Bloom shines only at 120 lumens, which is not that bright, but at least consumes less power – 8W. On the other hand, Philips Hue Iris delivers a stronger light of 210 lumens but requires more power – 10W.

DESIGN: These bulbs are designed with different purposes in the mind. The Bloom is smaller, compact-sized bulb ideal for any room of your home, great for corners or just highlighting items. The Iris is larger, more power-consuming bulb which is great for adding color to the walls of the room. This model can illuminate the entire room without any issue.

DIMENSIONS: The Philips Hue Bloom has a discreet, small design – 5” x 4” x 5”. The Iris is bulkier – 9” x 6” x 7”


Philips Hue Bloom vs. Iris – Comparison


Philips Hue Bloom BRIGHTNESS: 120 lumens | DESIGN: Discreet | BULB TYPE: 8-Watt LED | BEST FOR: Corner/Item | DIMENSIONS: 5” x 4” x 5”

Philips Hue IrisBRIGHTNESS: 210 lumens | DESIGN: Bulbous | BULB TYPE: 10-Watt LED | BEST FOR: Wall | DIMENSIONS: 9″ x 6″ x 7″


Philips Hue Bloom vs. Iris – Which Should You Buy?


It is really hard to say which of these two Philips Hue products is better since they were designed with different purposes in the mind. They are both great options. Do you need to add colors to the entire wall, then the Philips Hue Iris is for you. But be aware of the power consumption. If you are looking for ambient accending for corners, or just highlight items, then choose Bloom.

In the nutshell, you are choosing between discreet and bulky design. These two lights are around the same price range, supports over 16 million colors, have the same smart features and require the Philips Hue Bridge to work.







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