Pivo: The Interactive Pod For Better Smartphone Photography

An easier way to get a better shot with a smartphone. This way we can describe the Pivo Pod, an accessory that will help you unlock the full potential of phone cameras. It´s not just a smartphone accessory, it is a unique device and clever way to empower creative content creation.

We had a crazy idea that quickly became a core mission for us: to build a smart pod that enables anyone with a smartphone to create dynamic interactive video, images, and GIFs in a few taps of the screen. Pivo


Here are features that make Pivo so interesting.


ManyMe – You can take pictures of yourself all over the place and then gives you the ability to create an illusion of your clones.

Versus – This automatic mode pans back and forth between two subjects and lets you create a rap-battle-like video angle cuts.

50/50 – Half picture and half video mode.

DoubleTake – A meme-ready effect.

Motion Timelapse – It is like a normal timelapse, but not stationary.

Perfect Panorama – Create quality panoramas pictures with a smartphone with this automated capturing and rotation mode.

TinyPlanet – Take spherical photos that look like tiny globes.

SmartCapture – Interact with Pivo with your voice or gesture.

Flash – A motion blur tying together two different events.



Facefollow – This automated mode allows the Pivo to follow you around with both front and back cameras

Object Tracking – You can track dynamic objects. Ideal for showing off how something works.



Go live on over 30 platforms at the same time while using Pivo’s interactive features like Facefollow.

This interesting gadget is compatible with all smartphones and offers up to 10 hours runtime. What´s more? Pivo comes with remote control, the app for Android or iOS, a built-in tripod, and voice activation. In addition to this, there are some add-ons as well, such as 360° Product Turntable, Lightbox or GoPro Kit. Plus you get a padded travel case, which will definitely keep the Pivo Pod safe.



If you find the Pivo Pod interesting, it can be yours if you support the project on Kickstarter. The retail price will be around $139 but you can get up 50% off if you help fund the campaign. The cheapest package includes the Pivo body, the app, remote control, and a travel case.


Designer: Pivo




All images and video via Pivo / Kickstarter 


Pivo is a crowd-funded project that has no guarantee of succeeding. This article is not an official promotion of the Pivo company, and we at Nechstar are not responsible if the project does not succeed through crowdfunding. We are trying to introduce our audience interesting projects that have a high chance of success, but you, the reader, assume all responsibility by pledging your money to this project.