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Experience heat at the touch of a button. This sentence describes the concept of the heated T-Shirts best. Designed by Polar Seal, a fashion technology company focusing on clothes that will keep you warm even in the most extreme conditions.

Their latest generation of heated shirts is designed to be super lightweight, flexible, breathable and affordable. That’s right, with the reasonable price, Polar Seal wants to introduce their heated clothing technology to the largest number of people.

heated T-Shirts by Polar Seal

Image: Polar Seal


Available in two styles – short sleeves with V-neck and long sleeves with crew neck – the heated T-Shirts are offering three different heating levels range from 104°F to 122°F (40°C to 50°C). What’s more, warming up is fast and easy. Using the color-coded temperature control button, you can adjust the heating to the temperature you need and within 10 seconds you will get a nice warm feeling.

POLAR SEAL leverages a similar technology that is used in fighter jet pilot jackets. Our heating elements consist of a thin layer of conductive metal sandwiched between two sheets of Polyamide. These heating pads are powered by a low voltage 5V circuit. These elements are thin, flexible, durable and breathable. The new heated T-Shirts are machine washable.

If you find the heated T-Shirts by Polar Seal interesting, you should know that these T-Shirts are available in all standard sizes for men and women. The special price (on Indiegogo) is starting at $69 for a single T-Shirt and goes up to $655. For more information and latest updates, use the link below.

Designer: Polar Seal


Image and video courtesy of Polar Seal


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