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How about getting rid of the feeling of cold while staying outdoors. Have you heard about a smart device that can provide you heat at the touch of a simple button? If not, We would like to introduce you to Polar Seal Heated Tops.

Smart and super light heated tops for both genders, designed to get comfort for whatever activity you may be doing.

Polar Seal tops come in different sizes and colors and offer you a heat for up to 8 hours. This smart accessory is providing the heat via a heating element in two zones – upper and lower back.

Of course, you have the option to turn on/off the heat in one zone or use both zones at the same time.

Polar Seal Heated Tops - Be A Full Day In The Cold Without Feeling Chilly

Specially designed, the POLAR SEAL buttons are engineered to endure shocks and hits without changes to the settings. At the same time, the buttons are reactive enough to be operated with gloves on which means that you can adjust your heating preferences from the ski chairlift, on the slopes, or anywhere without having to remove any gear.

Polar Seal Heated Tops

Polar Seal is all about comfort. Thanks to its 3 heating levels, you can choose the best level of temperature which suits you. It takes only 10 sec for Polar Seal to heat you up. You are able to enjoy the heating function for up to 8 hours on a single charge.

The battery is rechargeable, compatible with standard USB power banks, so this gives you the possibility to use the power bank you already might own.

If you find Polar Seal heated tops interesting, you should know that the price could be around $134 and the delivery date is set for November 2017.

Designer: Polar Seal

All images and video via Polar Seal / Kickstarter