5 Popular Android Apps You Should Uninstall Right Now

Popular Android Apps You Should Uninstall

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Google Play is the shop for Android apps, music, movie rentals and purchases, and e-books. On all Android devices, we can access Google Play through the Play Store app.

Google Play is a great place where you can find useful and important apps that will improve your Android device experience.

However, the higher the number of apps you install, the lower is the performance of the device. Moreover, having a lot of apps on your phone or tablet with an Android system will negatively affect your battery life.

Not only the battery life of your device is in danger, sometimes apps keep using too much mobile data, track your behavior and location, or show you annoying ads right into your face.

Apps can be annoying in many different ways.

In fact, we all have too many applications on our phones, so its time to delete some apps and enjoy the Android device even more.

Battery Savers

These apps offer a solution to one of the biggest problems smartphones have. Yeah, just download some battery saver and extend the battery life. Beautiful idea, the issue is that battery-saving apps are often trash.

If you really want to increase battery life, you need to reduce the energy demand of the Android system and all running apps and services. To be effective, battery saves should take control of the Android operating system.

This is the main reason why battery savers are useless. Android system can be controlled only on the rooted device. Unless the app uses root access, it cannot save the power on your phone.

Cleaning Apps

These apps will promise you to clean up your phone and immediately boost performance. Yes, applications often leave some cached data, but it is not a reason to download a cleaner. You can do it by yourself.

Go to Settings > Storage > tap Cached data > hit OK.

The main issue with so-called cleaning apps draws considerable battery power and many of them come with in-app advertising that can consume a lot of internet data.

Manufacturer Bloatware

Smartphones and tablets have a lot of pre-installed apps. Many manufacturers install their useless apps alongside with the apps from Google. Some of these apps even work in the background and consume a lot of power, which leads to a shorter battery life of your phone.

Take an action and uninstall manufacturer bloatware. It is very easy. Go to the Settings > App > Select the app you want to uninstall > Uninstall.

Facebook and Messenger

Popular Android Apps You Should Uninstall Right Now

Addicted” To Facebook? Hundreds of millions of people use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, plan events, receive news, and play games. The Facebook app consumes so much battery and data on your Android device that it is better you remove it. Instead, use the browser version to save your data and battery. Download Opera mini. It is a perfect browser if you want to manage your data usage.

Shopping Apps

If you shop online regularly, there is a big chance you have installed the app for your favorite shop. In fact, it is better to access the shop through the browser instead of the app. Why? Because these apps are often operating in the background to keep you updated on current offers, deals, and promotions.



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