Powerbreather Wave – A game changing experience

Swimming will never be the same again with the Powerbreather Wave. It lets you swim more freely and easily enjoy the nature or boost your training. Feel comfortable from your first breath with this product. Improve your technique, strength your endurance and respiratory muscles.
The smart valve system separates exhalation and inhalation, therefore you can swim as long and as intensive with it as you like. It´s ergonomic design always gives you a clear view. You are steady in the water and don´t have to turn the head for breathing. This is a big relief, particularly for inexperienced cross swimmers.

What is the difference compared to the snorkel?

With the classic snorkel, you always exhaled air stays in the system, therefore, more carbon dioxide is inhaled – the performance drops.

The Ameo Powerbreather Wave air system is different. It passes exhaled air and moisture consistently to the outside. The breathable air stays rich in oxygen and dry.
With the Powerbreather Wave, even the fast flips turns are possible. Thanks to the easy fit air junction the mouthpiece is flexible and comfortable to wear. Speed vents for pool and open water as well as different breathing resistance are available too.




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