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The new smartphone can cost lots of money. It can be a big expense for some of us. And in the rush which in we live, we experience situations that can damage the gadgets we are surrounded.

ProtectPax is an innovated product based on nanotechnology that protects smartphone displays reliably from cracking and scratches.

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Effective liquid glass screen protection

Today´s tablets and smartphones have many clever features which make their use extremely comfortable, the developers cannot solve one important problem. The resistance against scratches or break.

You can try to solve the problem with the display foils, many smartphone users know them, but they are not effective to protect the display from deep scratches.

But now, we have ProtectPax. An invisible, efficient and long-lasting damage protection.


How does ProtectPax work?

It´s simple. All you need to do is apply the Nano Liquid to the glass surface. It fills the invisible indentations of the glass and after the liquid dries it makes the display up to 600% harder than it was before. The ProtectPax makes the smartphone screen almost hard as a diamond. And the protection is long-lasting as we said at the beginning this post. With ProtectPax you get 12 month-durable display protection against scratches, cracking and you get also a water-repellent and dirt-resistant surface. You can remove the dirt and fingerprints very easy from the screen with a simple wipe.

The long-lasting protection is not limited only to smartphones and tablets but also can be used for a laptop, eBook readers, smartwatches, spectacle lenses or TV devices.


ProtectPax, innovative display protection

– Scratch resistant & break resistant (9H like Ruby)
– Protection against electromagnetic radiation
– Improves touchscreen functionality
– Easy to apply
– Water repellent
– Invisible & lasts up to 365 days
– Prevent fingerprints

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