QardioBase Is The Smiling Smart Scale

Many of us fighting with a diet. One of the saddest parts of this process is weighing on the regular basis. QardioBase offers a surprising alternative to this activity. QardioBase gives you smileys and smart feedback every time you step on this scale.

This smart device is a wireless WiFi scale with advanced sensors and smart brain that helps you track lots of variables inside your body. QardioBase let you calculate full body composition, that includes your body fat percentage, bone mass, muscle, and water. This is a better way than seeing a sad number. You can find if you are burning fat and gaining muscle, or whether you are losing weight and not just a water. This can be a very helpful feedback which can send you via the official QardioBase’s app.


QardioBase, Wireless Smart Scale
images source: amazon

If you step on the scale, don´t expect all these numbers, you´ll get just a smiling LED face and a gentle vibration to let you know you are doing well. QardioBase is specially designed for all members of the family, it is equipped with a multi-use mode, that is able to recognize the family members after they stepped on the scale. 



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