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Radical Transport, a company based in Dallas has developed a new electric hoverboard named Radical MOOV. Actually, the MOOV is not a hoverboard. It is a the Un-Hoverboard or we can call it electric sports rideable.

MOOV is the first of its kind to utilize a solid platform design with steering control based on weight rather than foot angle. This makes the board feel much more sporty and fun than traditional hoverboards.

Radical MOOV - Mark Cuban's Electric Sports Rideable


The Radical MOOV is equipped with safe mount mode that allows the rider to easily get on and off the board. When you step on the board, you will get an awesome riding experience. The MOOV has intelligent ride sensors helping the board feel like you are skateboarding or skiing. The platform enables nimble, natural and effortless turning than the traditional swivel.

Radical MOOV - Mark Cuban's Electric Sports Rideable

The MOOV is for riders of all types. From presets to custom settings, dynamic ride profiles allow riders to adapt the board to complement desired riding styles.

  • Novice – This setting provides gentle steering inputs allowing the rider to make turns at controlled speeds.
  • Intermediate – Precise control at higher speeds.
  • Pro – The board is more responsible and agile, harnessing and maximizing power for an aggressive, precise ride.
  • Custom – Optimize every aspect of the board to your choosing.

We control every aspect of product quality to ensure the highest level of safety and reliability. Our engineers inspect and test every battery and board that leaves our facility in Dallas. Starting with UL Certification, the MOOV will be fully compliant and tested to the highest hoverboard standard, UL2272, as well as the Department of Transportation’s battery-specific standard, UN38.3. So you can rest easy that this board is safe, reliable, and most of all fun.

We are sure that Radical MOOV will have a premium retail price. The Kickstarter campaign set the price at $1,099, so the price for the device in retail could be around $1,500. With this price, it will be hard to beat the competition like the Ninebot Segway Mini or Segway One S1.

Designer: Radical Transport

All images and video via Kickstarter/Radical Transport