How To Remove Recently Added Apps In Start Menu On Windows 10

By default, the Windows 10 operating system shows you a list of recently added apps at the top of the app list in the Start menu. 

This section shows you some of the apps you have most recently installed on your system. If you don’t like this feature you can easily disable it. In this article, you will learn how to remove recently added apps in the Windows 10´s Start menu

Remove Recently Added Apps From Start Menu

To hide the Recently added section you need to open Windows Settings. 



STEP 1: Click on the Start menu button, and tap on Settings

STEP 2: Click on Personalization.

Remove Recently Added Apps From Start Menu

STEP 3: Under the personalization section, click the Start option in the left sidebar.

STEP 4: Under the Start option, find the switch labeled Show Recently Added Apps

STEP 5: Click the switch to turn it Off

disable recently added apps in start menu


That´s all. Now, when you open the Start menu, the section with the recently added apps at the top should be gone. In simple words, when you install an app in Windows 10, you will no longer be reminded of it, but you will find it in the All Apps list in the Start menu.  

If you need any help regarding Windows 10, we have plenty of interesting YouTube tutorials right here.


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