Reolink Argus – A Weatherproof Full HD Security Camera For Your

If you are looking for a security camera to protect your property, a camera which can monitor an area without a power outlet, there is something for you. The Reolink Argus is a battery-powered wireless security camera, a smart sensor, and alarms in one.

This all-in-one security solution offers you a powerful cutting-edge 360° magnetic base for more mounting possibilities. It can hold the camera tight and allows you to stick the camera on it and twist it in any wanted direction. Even upside down. The weatherproof design makes it work in different weather conditions, including rain, snow, intense cold and heat.

Traditional wireless security cameras provide video surveillance even when there are no network cables. But for monitoring an area without a power outlet, a battery-powered wireless security camera is definitely the only choice, and Reolink Argus is the top choice for you. It defines and shows the way “100% wire-free” should be!

A great feature of Reolink Argus camera is the installation. There are no cords, no drilling, no wiring. Just set it on a table, a shelf, or another flat surface, mount it to the wall, under the ceiling. You can place the security camera almost anywhere you want.

Reolink Argus is a home security solution with a Full HD camera, alarms, and a smart sensor. It features Wi-Fi support, so you can connect the system to your smartphone and get real-time alerts when the motion is detected.

Reolink Argus - A Weatherproof Full HD Security Camera For Your

Wake Up When Motion Is Detected

The smart PIR movement sensor will detect if anything’s wrong and whenever motion detection is triggered, the camera will wake up at once, capture the event and guarantee that you know it immediately. When the PIR sensor detects everything is sound and safe, the camera will go into a standby mode, which uses little battery power.

Send Smart & Accurate Alerts in Real Time

When motion is detected, the camera will inform you in real-time with alerts.

Live View from Anywhere, Anytime

You can also get the live view of the camera from your phone anytime and anywhere.

Listen and Talk Back

On the live view, you can not only see clearly what’s happening but also listen and even talk back.


Like what you see? You can pre-order yours on Indiegogo. Or you can check out other Reolink security products on Amazon.

Designer: Reolink [Indiegogo]

All images via Reolink/Indiegogo


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