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With just one single click of our fingers, our phone can take us to the world.

It has become impossible to stay without the phone even for a day.

There are so many devices available in the market with works on the principle of sensor technology.

The only drawback of these touch screen devices is that they are very delicate and sensitive and requires lots of care and maintenance for their long durability.

There are many accessories for phones available, and one of the most important ones is screen cleaner. You might have bought a new phone, but with scratches and dust present in the corner of your iPhone, it does not appear like that.

Every individual is circled with gadgets all around him. It is very necessary that the use of such devices should be accompanied by their regular cleaning.


The touch screen is a vital part of our lives

There will be hardly any individual who does not use gadgets or devices. With so many phones, entering into the market, the need for providing effective cleaning have also mounted up.

From kids to business executives, everyone makes use of a touch screen. As phones are the most convenient means to get in touch with your family and friends, it requires cleaning and maintenance as well. However, using harsh chemical do not provide an adequate solution, so here all you need is a proper cleaner designed for the screen.

Today, there are many individuals who use various cleaning agents for their screens. To have a shiny screen, many people seldom use water or a dry towel. But, these cleaning agents do not provide complete cleaning and can even damage the cell phone screen.

While you spend so much money on expensive cell phones, you can also invest a pity amount to make them more durable. Many stores provide you with touch screen cleaner. These touch screen cleaners are ingrained with special cleaning agents that render your cell phone screen with shine and soft touch.

These cleaners are meant for first glass surfaces only.

Not only this, but these stores also provide you with the promotional cell phone individual employee if carries such promotional cell phone screen cleaner.

As we all know that a cell phone is used by a large number of people, this can be used for general promotion. This promotional merchandise is best suitable for business companies, or we can say for the corporate sector. Each offers a helping hand in the cashless advertisement.

promotional cell phone screen cleaners

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Such cleaners are supplied in small bottles. And one can get their company logo embedded on the bottle or the cap. Instead, the company can also provide such cleaners to their clients or delegates.

In addition to this, during foreign conferences, the companies can always have the upper hand in promoting themselves, if their tables are laden with these promotional cell phone screen cleaners.

Additional benefits of these cleaners are:

  • Germ-free Screen 
  • Cashless promotion
  • Shiny and durable cell phone screens

In addition to this, not only the corporate sector but the fashion industry, the film industry can also use such promotional cell phone screen cleaners.

They can be used to promote various events. Moreover, such cleaners can be used for fundraising activities by the NGOs.

Various stores are available that serve their clients with promotional cleaners. They create a cleaner according to the client’s expectations. Moreover, they also offer bulk delivery and in addition to this, the clients can also order for microfiber cleaning cloth. This can also be personalized.

“Optimum personalization for double promotion, ”

So it is your turn, to order such promotional cleaners.


Here are some tips through which you can make your phones germ and dust free.


1. The most important part you should always keep in mind before you start cleaning your phone is turn off your device and remove its battery. There is a lot of difference between cleaning your house and cell phone. Smartphones are delicate, and they require extra care, and also they work on different technology.

2. Wipe the screen of your phone very lightly with a dry cloth. Remember not to put much pressure on its screen as it may lead to its breakage.

3. Now you can spray a screen cleaner on the screen and gently rub the cloth over it. Make sure you clean all those edges where those tiny dust particles have stuck.

4. You can restart your phone once it is dried up.