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There is a lot of unexpected things that can happen you and your vehicle. This is why you should consider having a dashcam in your vehicle. A type of electronic that you install and it will start record footage as you drive. The brand new Waylens Secure360 is a dash camera that shoots 360-degree photos and videos.

Like a security camera in your home or apartment, this camera is always on. Secure360 captures everything happening, even when your car is parked and you are nowhere nearby.

The camera use embedded gyroscope and accelerometer to detect strange events around your car wakes up and sent a notification to you.

The first and only consumer automotive camera to use 360-degree imaging technology, the Secure360 is destined to be the best dash cam money can buy.

Secure360 with 4G - See everything going on around your car

Secure360 Camera – Key Features

Witness Everything

The 360-degree lens captures everything inside and out your car. Whether a fender bender in a parking lot or a collision during your commute, the Secure360’s interior and exterior views eliminate confusion about what occurred.

Always Available

Great think on Secure360 dash camera is the ability to capture all events when the car is turned off for an extended time. With the custom battery pack, low-power sensors allow the cam go to sleep mode, but still protecting an unattended vehicle for an unprecedented 360 hours or 15 days.

Constantly Connected

Don’t worry about your data if the camera is stolen or disablet. All your data are automatically uploaded and backed up to the Waylens Cloud.

Always With You

Get instant event notifications, right on your smartphone. Access event video from Waylens Cloud from any location, choosing from multiple viewing modes to see the full story. Monitor your vehicle in real-time from any location, even reminding yourself of your car’s location if you forget where it’s parked.

The first camera designed for consumer vehicles that uses 360-degree imaging technology. This is Waylens Secure360 camera. According to the company, there will be a WiFi and a 4G version of the dashcam for a price around $249.

Designer: Waylens

All images via Kickstarter/ Waylens