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Japanese creators HYM have unveiled Seed turntable, “The world’s first all-in-one turntable system that integrates excellent fidelity sound and 70W output for music lovers.

We love when a retro design meets modern technology. And the Seed Turntable is one of these products. It offers high-quality audio, good output, great analog sound, and digital streaming. All these features are hidden in one device.

Seed Turntable - All-in-one Turntable System With Excellent Sound Quality

With patented suspension design, Seed is the world’s first turntable system that successfully integrates excellent-fidelity analog sound with 70W high output without crackles and pops in one smooth system.

Along with the analog, the Seed is able also to play digital formats from the internet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and streaming from different music platforms. You can even use RCA, SPDIF, AUX in/output to connect the device to other audio systems.

Embedded with built-in amplifier, two 1” tweeter and two 4” woofer drivers, Seed is able to drive 70W output, and the dynamic range is increased by 20% more than full-range speakers. So from subtle gasps to grand orchestra performances, Seed presents all the details in the sound and immerses you completely in the music. The frequency response of Seed is “flat”, meaning it produces audio accurately to the original source. Also, to enrich the sound quality, we applied ballistic, Kevlar fiber to enhance deep bass response.

To get consistent quality sound while the audio gives high-volume and high-wattage output, the turntable has a Tri-Point suspension system to hold the tonearm and platter steady and to keep the system read the music accurately.


Currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter, the Seed price starts at $379!

Designer: HYM Seed Audio


All images and video via HYM Seed Audio/Kickstarter