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Look at this camera. It is called Shonin Streamcam. Also been called the ‘bodycam for civilians’. This small, wireless wearable security camera has a compact design and can be easily attached to your backpack or clothing items. A brand new way how to quickly and easily record video proof in case of an accident.

Shonin Streamcam has many important features. We are talking about direct cloud streaming, automatic backup, one-touch recording and waterproof construction.

Wearable Security Camera

Shonin Streamcam – Record In To Cloud

The Shonin Streamcam saves your entire video in the cloud through cellular or WiFI, or broadcasts to services like Facebook live or Youtube.

With the use of the Shonin app, you can view the recording video, edit it, and customize all the camera settings. You can even share the video instantly to Facebook, Youtube, and other social networks.

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Shonin Streamcam comes with standard and magnetic clips for maximum control over attaching the camera to yourself. Also, you can add-on a battery pack that doubles the battery life.

Shonin has already started a Kickstarter campaign and hit the funding $30,000 goal very quickly. You can pledge the WiFi model from just $149 and wait until February 2018. Streamcam won’t begin shipping until this date.

Designer: Shonin Inc.

All images and video via Shonin Inc.