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Meet a new member of the big drone family – SMAO micro drone. Characterized by its 2.56 inch body size and 40g of weight, but full with incredible hardware features ( 2K high-quality camera, gyroscope stable system, high pressure system, high-strength grid structure armor and 650mah high power capacity) and with pretty nice software features (such as WIFI connection, real-time transmission and tracking flight system).

Let’s take a closer look at all SMAOs features.

WIFI camera

The WIFI controlled camera gives you complete control over SMAO drone, and the ability to watch it all and make it fly exactly the way you want.

VR Glasses

A great addition to the drones flying routine. VR glasses give you an eye to see the flight of the drone in a whole new way.

Handle Remote Controller

SMAO has the mode combining mobile phone and high precision remote controller, so it is unobstructed and free of interference such as unexpected phone calls. When the VR glasses and remote controller are combined together, you are undeniably one of the flying aces of SMAO.

SMAO Drone - Intelligent Micro-Drone Armed With VR Glasses

Flight Experience

The high precision remote controller gives you a great control over the drone, so you can do many stunt flight actions, such as 360-degree rotating, emergency stop or flying through narrow space.

2K Resolution Camera

SMAO is equipped with a 2K high-definition camera, and with amazing image correction feature, it can seize amazing and high-definition images and stabilized 720P videos.

Real-time Transmission

Share the images and videos you shoot with the drone direct to social medias due to the real-time transmission technology.

Tracking Flying Mode

A simple function that allows you draw a route on the phone screen and the drone will fly that direction.

Gravity Sensing Mode

If you are bored with the tracking flying mode, switch to the gravity sensing system. In this mode, the SMAO drone will imitate the shaking and track you draw with your whole mobile phone.

Body Armor

The high-strength grid structure armor gives your drone more than one life. SMAO can survive a lot of crashes – no fly and bye drone.

Six Gyroscopes

The built-in gyroscopes will promise you a safe and smooth flight at any time.

Height-fixed System

SMAO can hover accurately and steadily, promising you stabilized vision, and allowing you to seize the moment of the mountains and rivers whenever you feel inspired.

Anti-error System

Intelligent drone. This expression gives the manufacturer to SMAO. Why? The drone is equipped with emergency stop and one-key return action. This feature can protect others from the drones hard shell in the event of an emergency during the flight.

For those who are interested in the SMAO drone, we provide the link to the Indiegogo campaign where you can read more information about this brand new gadget or even support and buy an SMAO for an early discounted price about 69 dollars.

Designer: SMAO TECH

All images via SMAO Tech/Indiegogo