I am pretty sure you have heard of Amazon.

Am I right?

About the largest online retailer in the USA, UK and much of Europe. When you purchase something from Amazon, there is a big change you are buying a stuff from a third-party seller using a unique service called Amazon FBA.

This short-term stands for fulfillment by Amazon. It means that Amazon retailer looks after all of the seller’s stock. After the customer places an order, it bypasses the seller altogether and goes directly to the FBA warehouse.

What happens next?

Amazon picks out the order and delivers it to the customer.

Sounds great? And it really is.

A lot of people made fortune as an FBA seller. Because for the customer there is almost no difference between purchasing directly from Amazon or from a person selling their stuff through Amazon FBA. They get the same high-quality customer service, the same returns policy, and the same delivery speed thanks to which is Amazon well-known.

How to start Amazon business

Once you have decided that you are ready to start the process of selling items online, you will need to have an Amazon seller account and a few basic supplies before you can get going.

Create Amazon Seller Account

Go to Amazon’s website, scroll down to the footer and look for the Make Money with Us heading and click on the link called Sell on Amazon. They have a pretty simple guide how to fill the forms and start the Amazon business, so I don’t write more about this process.

After you create the account, you are ready to sell.


If you think!

No, the hardest part is before you.

Start Looking For Products To Sell On Amazon

Selling on Amazon could be easy, but finding profitable products is hard. This is why you need a software for Amazon sellers. And really good.

BlackBird Suite Review – An Ideal Software For Amazon Sellers

BlackBird is a package of technology and training for growing an Amazon business. This Amazon seller tool if full of applications give you the ability to:

  • Search the Amazon marketplace for the best new opportunities
  • Track your products, sales, reviews, pricing, and ranking
  • Spy on your competitors to gain intel on their results
  • Analyze on-page performance of your product page titles, bullets, images…
  • Email your customers to get five-star reviews
  • Alert you to negative reviews on your listing

All this you get in one place. In one clear Amazon seller dashboard.

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Looks For Opportunites With BlackBird With Amazon Product Tracker

In few seconds, Blackbird suite shows you what products are selling and how much revenue they are producing. You are able to do as much product research as you want and see exactly what you can expect your sales to be. Blackbird is fast and powerful Amazon product tracker.BlackBird AMZ Seller Review - Beat Your Amazon Competition

I suppose that you find and prepare the ideal product you want to sell.

Track The Product Performance

The BlackBird will track the performance of your entire Amazon account and give you plenty useful information.

  • See the sales results of all your products
  • Find where your main competitors are weak
  • Use its Amazon product ranking tool to see how you rank for your keywords
  • Check out the price points and revenue impact

Send Emails To Your Customers

BlackBird AMZ software knows when your orders are confirmed, shipped, and delivered. It tracks all your products. It can also send emails to your customers to ask them for positive review for the product they did buy. This feature is automatic.

Watch Your Competitors

Amazon product ranking is an important part of success, but you should always know what your main competitors are doing.

Spy them.

BlackBird suite monitors the performance of their products in almost every way. Find out the truth why they rank better than you for certain keywords.



Are you confused?

BlackBird Training Academy Gives You the Best Business Tactics And Sales Strategies

It should be little confused to understand what it all means to be an AMZ seller. BlackBird training Academy gives you access to first-class training for selling on Amazon.

BlackBird AMZ Seller Review - Beat Your Amazon Competition

It is regularly updated, created by the team of multi-million dollar Amazon sellers. You also get an access to private webinars with Amazon coaches. Ask them many questions you want, interact with them live and stand informed on the latest Amazon updates.


With a single click of a button, you can message the BlackBird coaches staff and ask your marketing questions.


BlackBird Guru

BlackBird software is designed to help you be successful on Amazon. This is why you get a direct link to a personal guru, not a basic support staff, a person that already made millions of dollars selling as an FBA on Amazon.

Few Amazon Seller Hacks To Dominate Marketplace

If you are still reading my BlackBird review, I suppose you are decided to be an Amazon seller. I show you few Amazon seller hacks to dominate the marketplace.

  • Win the Buy Box. Make sure your offer is eligible, accurate, and priced a penny lower than the competition.
  • Get easy sales by piggybacking on the ASINs of successful products.
  • Drive traffic to your product pages using custom URL queries to “trick” Amazon into ranking your products for high-volume search terms.
  • Create Vendor Powered Coupons if you are competing in a tough niche because they’ll have their own independent Sales Rank.
  • Identify which tools will help you make the most sales.

BlackBird Suite Review – Conclusion

Have a product in top-selling Amazon items is a dream of every Amazon FBA seller. Who said it couldn’t be a reality. Top selling products are a successful mixture of quality, customer experience, luck, and optimization.

Sometimes you have to make your own luck, it’s not going to drop out of the sky. Prepare yourself as best as you can for Amazon FBA selling, and get the best tools for this business.

BlackBird Amazon seller software is a useful package of powerful technology features every AMZ seller wants to have. And you are able to run your entire business from one place.

Created by a team of multi-million dollar Amazon sellers – true experts, BlackBird makes managing your business easier than ever before.

BlackBird is extra secure software, allowing you the flexibility to access it from anywhere. Your purchase comes with a full 30 day 100% money back guarantee, and you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time you like, so you can purchase with confidence.


Don’t spend $500 per month on tools when you can use BlackBird tool. Here are the 3 plans you can choose from.

BlackBird Business Package – $97/month

  • Unlimited keyword finder
  • Unlimited opportunity finder
  • 15,000 emails
  • 100 products tracked
  • 100 products watched
  • BlackBird University
  • Grab a Guru

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BlackBird Business Pro Package – $147/month

  • Unlimited keyword finder
  • Unlimited opportunity finder
  • 50,000 emails
  • 100 products tracked
  • 100 products watched
  • BlackBird University
  • Grab a Guru

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BlackBird Unlimited Package – $197/month

  • Unlimited keyword finder
  • Unlimited opportunity finder
  • Unlimited emails
  • 100 products tracked
  • 100 products watched
  • BlackBird University
  • Grab a Guru

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Start Making Big Money

BlackBird Software - Summary

  • Quality 93%
  • Features 95%
  • User friendly 90%
  • Value 91%
  • Support 97%

BlackBird is a package of technology and training for growing an Amazon business.