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YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the Internet. And the second biggest search engine.

Every day, over than 50 million people watch at least one video on this platform, so this is a proof that a video is an effective way of product marketing.

It is the right time to include video marketing in your business promotion portfolio.

Start creating videos to promote your product or use them to get more attention for the product of your client.

Don’t waste time with shooting, editing and customizing videos. Use pre-made videos with proven high conversion rates.

Try Whiteboard Animation Videos. Now is time to show you DFY Whiteboard Video Pack 2.2.

DFY Whiteboard Video Pack 2.2. review

Designed to help people reach more audience to their video without putting a lot of effort, time or bunch of money. Save time trying to learn how to create this type of videos, use a pre-made video pack.

Whiteboard Video Pack 2.2 includes 12 Whiteboard animation videos for local businesses you can easily sell to the clients. All the videos have HD resolution, quality script and pretty good voice over.

DFY Whiteboard Video Pack 2.2. – Product Overview

  • Product creator – WhiteboardVideoBox
  • Product name – DFY Whiteboard Video Pack 2.2.
  • Launch date – July 13th, 2017
  • Sales pageCLICK HERE
  • Refund – 30-day money back guarantee


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Whiteboard Video Pack 2.2. Features


You will get these videos in FULL HD 1920 x 1080 px, with no branding, ready for you to use on your website or social platforms.

Professional Script

All the videos have a professional script that will keep the viewers interested, entertained and engaged in the video until the end.

Professional Voice Over

All the videos have quality voice over, recorded by a professional voice over artist

12 whiteboard videos for local businesses

Accountant, Auto Repair Shop, Catering, Chiropractor, Electrician, Fencing Contractor, and male/female Real Estate Agent versions.

Should I buy DFY Whiteboard Video Pack 2.2?

Do not expect a simple answer. It can be hard and time consuming to shoot/edit video.

Using of pre-made saves lot of time you can spend on a more important project. But the main problem we see with these packs which are constantly appearing in new and “unique” form is the value.

You need to consider if this is for you.

Ask yourself few questions. Do you want to upload these videos to Youtube? Is possible to sell them to the client? Can they actually lead to more sales?

Answers will not be same.

DFY Whiteboard Video Pack 2.2. review


The price you will pay for the DFY Whiteboard Video Pack 2.2. is $19. You will get 12 done whiteboard animated videos with pretty good voice-overs. Videos have a simple script, HD resolution, and are designed to promote the special service or product. Can you sell such video to the client for $299, $499 or more as advertised? Good luck. I don’t think so. Just my opinion. Now let’s look at it from the other side. Use Fiverr and search for whiteboard animation video. All videos you find will cost around $5 and more. They are without voices. Just animation. In DFY Whiteboard Video Pack 2.2 you have 12 videos with voice-overs. And only for $19. Or try to use Explaindio 3.0 and create unlimited animated videos. It is not so hard.


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DFY Whiteboard Video Pack 2.2 – Bonuses

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