Are you using Instagram to promote your products? If you say no, then you miss one big potential market.

Mark Zuckerberg and entire Facebook knewn it.

Facebook made the $1 billion purchase of a photo-sharing app called Instagram way back in 2012. At the time of the acquisition, Instagram had just 30 million users and zero revenue.

Now, Instagram has more than 750 million monthly users, and many analysts believe it will soon be a multi-billion dollar ad business.

These facts should be a starting point, to begin with the promotion of your business/brand or product on this social network. I would like to present to you an interesting instagram app today. EezyGram.

The new app that lets you create a quality Instagram graphic in just minutes.

Eezygram App – Short Overview

Product Creators – Agus Sakti, Robait Usman
Product NameEezygram
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Eezygram App Review

If you want to get noticed on Instagram, you need to find your own style. This could be a hard task. Eezygram app allows you to create an engaging content with almost no effort. Why not use ready-made templates for your images and post them to your Instagram account for 100 days without any design skills.

How EezyGram Works

One of the best things on Eezygram is that you are able to do everything in this software without any kind of tutorial. So easy it is.

Step 1: Import your images from your computer
You can import your files from the PC or use high-quality images from the online library.

Step 2: Create the engaging image
Use ready-made templates or create own style in easy to use the graphics editor. 100 templates, 150 colorable shapes, and 700 Google fonts will help you with the design.

Step 3: Post the content
Inside the image, editor is a smart button that posts your designs instantly to Instagram. Post your content directly from your PC and use a clever schedule option to make more engaging Instagram feed.


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Eesygram Key Features

Easy-to-Use Image Editor

Eezygram looks like a simple and clear image editor. You can find there – layer, zoom-in & zoom-out canvas, select outsite canvas to diselect object, align top-midle-bottom, undo-redo action, shadow & glow effect, and object opacity. 100 Template, 150 Colorable Shapes, 700 Google Fonts.Eezygram App Review – Create Engaging Instagram Content With No Effort

Smartphone Post Features

Eezygram can display the smartphone post format. You have the option to post the content from the computer, but you can still make interesting content like you do with your smartphone, such as emoticon and caption entering.

Multiple Accounts Supported

Use all your accounts. No limitation.

One-Time Login Security

No stupid relogin everytime you want to use this app.

Watch the Eezygram quick demo below

Should I use Eezygram app

Instagram is offering a huge potential for clever marketers and big opportunity to grab attention for your brand or product. Eezygram is a smart app that is giving you the ability to create professional looking Instagram feed with no previous design experience. It even offers you 100 quality templates if you don´t want to create a content from scratch.

Eezygram app review – Conclusion

No matter whats your niche, Eezygram can help you create atractive and engaging content for your Instagram account. An easy to use the image editor (tutorial included) is tested with over then 1000 real testers for 5 months, is secure and does not violate any Instagram rule.


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Simple yet powerful app

Eezygram App - Summary

  • Quality
  • Features
  • User friendly
  • Value
  • Support

Eezygram is a smart app that is giving you the opportuinity to create professional looking Instagram feed with no previous design experience.