If you are on Instagram, we bet you are, then you likely know the follow unfollow Instagram trick.

An old, yet powerful method which are using mostly new accounts to gain followers.


“It´s proven that 20%-30% of people will follow you back” (Click to Tweet This)


Of course, there are many useful methods to grow your audience, but this one has probably the best (fastest) result. In fact, the reason that many accounts grew so quickly is that the owner is using this method correctly.

This tactic is probably not the best long-term strategy, but when you have a brand new account with few posts, it´s hard to get attention.

The follow unfollow Instagram trick can easily get you about 50-100+ new followers a day, and these people are mostly real. No spam/bots. Even after you unfollow the accounts you followed and some of those people unfollow you back, you should still have net gain followers about 30-50 people per day.

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If you’re not familiar with the follow/unfollow method, this is what you need to know.


Follow People On Instagram


The key to success with this strategy is to follow people in your niche. For example, if your account is fitness oriented, you should start following people who are already following popular influencers in the fitness niche.

Warning: Instagram only lets you follow 7,500 other users at a time.

Bonus Tip: Try this simple hack. Find popular influencer in your niche, check out its latest post and follow all the people who liked the post. Why? Because now you are following users who have been active few minutes/hours/days ago.


follow unfollow instagram trick explained

Follow4follow, But Different


We originally published this tactic here… How To Get 1000 Real Followers In 3 Days On Instagram. In short, you simply follow others people accounts which are using hashtag follow4follow.

But you…

  • Turn on post notification for other big accounts that are doing the same thing you do.
  • Anytime these accounts upload their photo, follow all those the people that like that photo.

Everything is about timing. Follow the people few minutes after the big account published the photo and you will get a lot of likes for your pics as well


Interact With New Followers


This is optional. But we are always recommending interact with the people you are following. Just a few likes or nice comment will increase the chance that those people will follow you back.


Unfollow People On Instagram


After a few days, it´s ideal time to go back to the list of people you recently followed and unfollow everyone whenever followed you back.


Who Uses The Follow Unfollow Instagram Trick


Essentially, there are two people who use the method.

1. Bots. People pay for bots to auto-comment, like or follow others with the intention of getting as many followers as they can.

2. People who want to grow their account fast or at all cost.


Should You Use The Follow Unfollow Trick Now


Honestly, there are few reasons why you should not use this tactic. For instance, your risk your credibility, it´s also disrespectful to other bloggers, and it shows your true colors.



Apps For Following/Unfollowing On Instagram


If you are interested in using the follow/unfollow trick to grow your Instagram account, one important thing you should know. This method is time-consuming.

Fortunately, there are several apps which can help you. These apps we are showing you also have a smart feature or notification that alerts you about the unfollow limit. This is great to prevent you from being blocked by Instagram.




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