Private blog network, also called PBN, and the links from these sites was a powerful technique to rank on the first page of Google. And this ranking method used by many website owners is still working.

Important note: PBNs are black hat strategy.

You will hear many so-called gurus claim that this is not a black hat strategy in order to sell their courses.

However, let’s be clear on this and use what Google says – any form of intentional link building is against Google’s guidelines.

If Google finds out that you have a private blog network linking to your money site, they will penalize your site or de-index the PBN sites that they find.


Why people use PBNs as a link building strategy if Google is against it?


Because PBNs are still an incredibly effective way of ranking in Google.PBN Builder Review

Most sites ranking in competitive niches have a PBN behind them (though perhaps hidden). It’s cost-effective, allows you to scale, and you get full control over your links, including important items such as anchor text.

Still interesting in PBN SEO and powerful links from them. Real this PBN Builder review.

PBN Builder – Lead Generation Software

PBN Builder ReviewPBN Builder is a brand new website application used for niche sites and videos. It allows you to quickly build, manage and automatically syndicate your content for the first page ranking in Google.



  • Easy and simple to use
  • Low-cost way to get ranking fast
  • No tech skills requirement


  • PBNs are black hat strategy

PBN Builder – Watch the demo of PBN Builder


PBN Builder Review – Discover a power of automatic PBN syndication


PBN Builder is a new app designed by Joshua Zamora that allows you to automatically build, manage and syndicate the content across the PBN’s for faster page 1 Rankings. It is designed for both videos and niche sites.


Key Features of PBN Builder


These days you need to build PBNs that is looking like real sites.

Not only looking.

They should be real sites.

Each site you build should have an aged domain with good domain authority, a unique logo, unique and useful articles, a responsible theme and some plugins installed to make the site usable. PBN Builder is offering you some interesting features which allow you:

  • Quickly and easily syndicate their videos and/or niche sites across all their networks
  • Be able to get FAST page 1 rankings through the power of PBN backlinks
  • Be able to compete with the BIG Boys by leveraging PBN’s



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PBN Builder Demo


Watch the demo of this software and make the decision if this PBN web-app would be useful for your link building plan.

Should I use PBN Builder


As well as at the beginning of the PBN Builder review, I have to say this: PBNs are a black hat strategy.

If you using links from private blog network, your site could be penalized or deindexed.

However, creating backlinks with proper software, and do it the right way, can be useful.PBN Builder Review - A PBN SEO Tool For Better Video And Site Ranking

If you have made it this far and are interested in testing out some PBN links on your own niche site, PBN Builder can help you. It is a cheap PBN solution for beginners.  Try it and rank your videos or niche sites.

PBN Builder – Conclusion


By far the most common question I receive about PBNs is how many PBN links do you need to rank a site on Page 1 of Google.

People want to rank their content fast.

They want to see quick results, they want to make quick money.

I understand them.

How many backlinks will rank the page?

Each niche is different, each keyword is different, and competition plays a huge role, so there is no answer I can give.

But… To give you some numbers. I have typically found that a niche page will require at least 15 moderately powerful PBN links with a PA30 to rank, maybe up to 25.

PBN Builder is a software allowing you create powerful links for faster ranking of your videos and niche sites. It is not so expensive as buying 15 domains for private blog networks and is easy to use even for a beginner.


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Read more about the packages the PBN Builder offers you

PBN Builder Gold And Bronze 


Get the Gold and Bronze access to PBN Builder and be able to post to a certain number of sites and for a certain number of clients. Plus a few other limitations as well. Read more…

PBN Academy


Learn the entire system of finding the best domains and building the perfect PBN to use with PBN Builder. Discover best-kept secrets on building a PBN to get massive results. Learn more…

PBN Builder Diamond


An advanced version of PBN Builder. Your customers will be able to unlock the advanced features and also be able to build and manage a much bigger PBN. Continue reading…

SyndLab Pro


Your customers will be able to get access to the SyndLab web-app. SyndLab will be integrated with PBN Builder so they can get social syndication for their PBN links. They’ll also be able to use SyndLab for their money sites as well. See more…

On your own risk

PBN Builder - Summary

  • Quality 70%
  • Features 83%
  • User friendly 80%
  • Value 70%
  • Support 80%

Rank Your Videos and Sites On Page 1 By Leveraging The POWER of PBN'S Without All The Hassle of Building One