Prokem Suite Plugin Review – Cool for shortening any URL link affiliates

Prokem Suite Plugin is a WordPress plugin that can be installed on your WordPress website having a function to short link affiliate or link that is used for promoting.

Blogging is a great way how to create significant passive income and in the last years is pretty easy to launch your own blog or website. Why? Because of WordPress. A powerful platform that makes the boring process of blog creation very fast and simple. Select the blog theme, install some plugins and write few articles. That’s all. Your blog is live. I mention plugins. An essential part of WordPress that makes the work even easier and much more powerful. If your blog is running on WordPress, I have for you a short Prokem Suite Plugin Review. A plugin that will help you earn some extra cash from your blog.

Prokem Suite Plugin – Product Overview

  • Product creator – Agus Sugianto
  • Product name – Prokem Suite Plugin
  • Launch date – July 17th, 2017
  • Price – $37
  • Sales pageCLICK HERE
  • BonusesGet our bonuses below
  • Refund – Money back guarantee

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Prokem Suite Plugin Review

What is Prokem Suite plugin? Simply said, a WordPress plugin that offers many features you can find help in your effort to improve the sales on your site. Pop Up, Exit Intent, Top and Bottom Bar, Input Pixel, Shortener link, exired link. Let’s take a closer look at these features or Prokem plugin.

Prokem Suite Plugin Review

Prokem Suite Plugin Features


Well-know helper in the online marketing community. Well, working pop-up can collect a significant amount of leads. More leads, more potential customers. The Prokem plugin allows you to pop up in any form. Images, graphics, text, video as well as auto-responder.

Exit Intent

Also known as exit pop-up. If the visitor is going with the mouse cursor at the top of the browser, the Prokem plugin will trigger a pop up with the message you write. Or you can use any form of images, graphics, video, or opt-in form. Just anything you think will help you persuade the visitor not to leave without some action.

Top Bar and Bottom Bar

These two bars are great for promotion of special deals or for collecting leads.

Short Link

This feature is usually worn by the player’s affiliate or CPA because it can shorten as well as abbreviated affiliate link to promote. It also can show a pop-up, exit objective, or top/bottom level bars. Even the affiliate marketer link that you can pendekan inputted to the retargeting pixel FB Advertising.

Enter The Pixel Code Facebook

This is a cool feature for everyone who is advertising via Facebook ads. Pixel code is being placed for a method called Retargeting. Thanks to this code you can use later the Facebook ads retargeting and aiming for the people who have visited your site.

Expired Link

Are you promoting a product with limited purchase time? Specify link right the time is over, if terminated then the clicking visitor will be redirected to your other links.the time is over if terminated then be redirected to your other links.

How the Prokem Suite Plugin works?

It is a plugin. Install it, active it and set the features you want to use. See the Prokem Suite plugin demo video to understand how the plugin works.

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Benefits of Using Prokem Plugin

  • Able to show pop up on your website
  • Able to show top or bottom bar on your website so that anywhere visitors scrolling website, advertisements or product promotion will be always seen
  • There is an exit intent, with this feature, when visitors want to close your website, they will see pop up feature
  • Able to use for shortening affiliate link that will be promoted
  • Able to input pixel on your own website or affiliate link so that you are able to do retargeting to the people who have visited your affiliate link or website
  • Able to promote your products in soft selling way
  • Easy to remember to your promoted affiliate link or CPA
  • Your shorted link is able to show pop up, top or bottom bar, or exit intent in the form of image, videos, or auto responders for your list building.
  • Able to promote 2 or 3 products in one link only because with this plugin you are able to show off pop up, top bar, and bottom bar at once
  • Able to net potential buyers secretly with your FB pixel code
  • You are able to short link affiliate but common links are potentially shorted like Amazon,, and the other links possibly shorted. With this function, you can benefit for soft selling. There are still many more benefits of using this plugin for selling increase

Prokem Suite Plugin Review

Should I Buy Prokem Plugin

No matter if you are an affiliate, online marketer, product creator or a new enthusiast that want to make some money. This plugin is easy to use, easy to understand and offers you many useful features to get more subscribers or improve the sales of products you are advertising. Prokem Suite plugin is an all-in-one tool that includes proven techniques for better marketing results and future profits.


So, what is the result of this Prokem Suite Plugin review? Make money online is possible and blogging or online marketing are the best ways you can choose. Creating a sales page, landing page or website is thanks to the WordPress so easy you wouldn’t believe and if you are looking for a useful tool that will help you get more from your new site, the Prokem plugin can be a right choice. Use the special Prokem Suite plugin discount links in our article (valid only for few days) or try the Prokem plugin for free with the 30 days money back guarantee.

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Good plugin

Prokem Suite Plugin

  • Quality 85%
  • Features 98%
  • User friendly 90%
  • Value 86%
  • Support 88%

Prokem Suite Plugin is a wordpress plugin that can be installed on your wordpress website having function to short link affiliate or link that is used for promoting.

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