We all have some skills.

And if you are good in something you should have a deserved audience. Not only audience. Create an entire business around your skill and make a good living.

This is my ProspectRR Review. A review of a useful tool that will help you find people who are fit for your services. With just a few simple clicks, you discover hot leads that are ready to buy everything you have to sell.

ProspectRR App – Become a successful business owner


ProspectRR is a powerful web-based app. The way how this tool works is that you basically put in a keyword and a location and ProspectRR will go out and find businesses in that niche and location for you. After this step, ProspectRR app will analyze each founded lead and categorize them in a certain way.

ProspectRR is different from other similar tools because it is basically going analyzing the businesses websites and bringing you back a specific information on what this business has or does it have so that you can send very targeted emails that are addressing businesses needs specifically.


ProspectRR Review – Product Overview


Product Creator – Viddyoze
Product Name – ProspectRR
HomepageProspectRR official site
Refund – 30-day money back guarantee


ProspectRR – How It Works


ProspectRR is a cloud web-based app, you have nothing to download or install. You can simply login and start working.

Step 1: Run Search
Enter a key phrase or a list of URLs and click a Begin button. Then wait a few seconds for results to show up. When you have results, just click on a prospect and you get their website URL, email addresses, videos, Facebook page, Twitter account and the complete information about websites addresses with WHOIS. ProspectRR delivers all the key data in a simple table, letting you see the best prospects instantly.

Step 2: Landing Page Builder
Setup a campaign and export it. Use various filters to export specific leads.

Step 3: Email Campaign
Once you have found the business you want to contact, enter the campaign editor, choose your template, add details, and send the email from ProspectRR app. It’s fast, it’s secure, and it’s professional.



ProspectRR App – Key Features


Video Profiler

ProspectRR Video Profiler uses smart search algorithms to find and analyze business web pages for a various amount of data and then categorizes it for you to use. You have a well-organized list where you can see at a glance whether your targeted business has video, needs video, needs an upgraded video, needs a longer video and much more…

SEO and Social Data

ProspectRR app is able to run multiple tasks at the same time, fast and efficient. This allows ProspectRR to give you an abundance of critical data on Social Media and SEO that lets you upsell clients without effort.

Automated Email Outreach

Download founded contacts and data to CSV for simple backups, or add them to your autoresponder manually. Or enter the campaign editor, choose your template, add your details, and send the email directly from ProspectRR.

And even more

Setup Wizard, Simple video guides, data manager, multiple search algorithms, GeoLock and advanced YouTube API integration.

ProspectRR Features


ProspectRR Review – Conclusion


ProspectRR is not just a software, it can be a starting point for your successful business. Imagine, you find some cheap but still quality service on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer, mark up the fees and keep the difference. Easy. What you think. This is called arbitrage. With this technique, you can make good money. But this is just an idea.

Use your imagination and create a whole business and don’t worry about finding your customers. Even if you run a brand new business, you can get many profitable customers as the other long-time businesses.

So open up ProspectRR, run your search, and start working with clients today. It doesn’t just find you a single client, it will find you hundreds of them, in few minutes.

Try it out 100% risk-free for the next 30 days and if it doesn’t work for you, then you’ll be refunded in full. No question asked.




Find the hottest leads

ProspectRR - Summary

  • Quality
  • Features
  • User friendly
  • Value
  • Support

ProspectRR lets you filter out the hottest prospects for your business,