Have you ever wanted to create a promotional video?

If not, you should know that video content can be used in many different ways, from social media posts, advertisements to emails or to promote your business.

But what’s the message you want to leave the audience with? What do you want them to do?

If you are looking for a good way to enhance viewer experience, you should consider adding subtitles in the video. And in many languages as possible. Sounds complicated? Recastly will make it easy for you.


Recastly – Subtitle Video Editor

Recastly Review - how to create subtitles for a videoRecastly helps you add customizable video subtitles or voiceovers in any language to your videos in a few easy steps. You can also publish your video on YouTube or Facebook, or resize it and add colored borders around your video with CTA.


  • No limit for subtitles, voiceovers
  • You can upload as many videos you want
  • Cloud-based software (works on PC and Mac)
  • Easy to use
  • Fast video rendering


  • To upload longer video (10+ min) you need to buy an upgrade
  • Use of Google’s APIs to translates subtitles

Recastly Subtitle Video Editor – Check The Discount Price


Recastly Review


Recastly is a software that automatically generates subtitles in any language for your videos (see all supported languages). Not only that. This subtitle maker software lets you hardcode them into your video. Why? Because it is already proven that hardcoding subtitles are more effective.


What are hardcoded subtitles?


They are exactly what you think they are. They are called “hardcoded” because you have no option to remove them. Subtitles, shown in the AVI, MKV, MP4, and other formats of video, are in different types. In video files mentioned in the last sentence, there are two kinds of the subtitle: hard subtitle and soft subtitle.

Hard subtitles are a part of the video images, and cannot be disabled when playing the video file.

Soft subtitles are an independent stream, and you can turn on or turn off the when playing.

These processes require third-party software to render the text as a video on the video file. That is why Recastly can help. People who are editing videos know how time-consuming is to add subtitles to the video properly.


Recastly – Smart Subtitle Maker Software


With Recastly you are able to burn subs onto video without previous experience, in any language you wish, word by word as they are spoken in the video.

Some main benefits you will have with the use of subtitles in a video:

  • Boost social media profits
  • Get more views, clicks on your social networks
  • Expand in different markets (countries)
  • Save money for ads and special effects

Using subtitles – also called captioning or transcribing – along with accurate voiceovers works better than ANYTHING else for increasing traffic & conversions.

How to create subtitles for a video with Recastly


Don’t expect anything difficult. Recastly is a could-based subtitle video editor, all you need to is just login and upload your video. Of course, you have to do more steps, at least 4.

how to create subtitles for a video with Recastly

Step 1:

Login and submit a video by YouTube URL or upload it from your computer

Step 2:

Get subtitle generated for your video in any language, regardless of the video´s original language.

Step 3:

Get automated voiceovers in over 50 languages and 20+ accents.

Step 4:

Directly upload your transcribed videos to Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo.


Recastly - Simple Subtitle Editor


WOW, Recastly can install subtitles into the video. That is all!! No, of course, no… You have the opportunity to customize any video and offer for any audience.

Modify Any Transcript Or Subtitle, Line By Line – Want to add your name, a product title, or a certain traffic-driving keyword? Point and click simple inside the dashboard … and get a live preview of how it’ll appear before you publish.

Videos That Stand Out – Choose from multiple, professional subtitle templates that give your videos a studio quality look that makes users stop, watch and click. Each template renders perfectly on social media, YouTube & mobile.

Customized Voiceovers – Want your automated voiceovers to read a certain section slower, faster, louder or quieter? Adjust all of these as well as pitch and inflection.

Timestamps: Turn Your Videos Into Highlight Reels – Every time Recastly makes subtitles for your videos, it creates timestamps of each section. Now you can simply copy & paste these into a new video to highlight ANYTHING you want: a new product lineup, customer testimonials, or more. Ideal for review & sales videos, podcasts and driving traffic to eCom stores.

Branding Built-In – Add a logo watermark to your videos that – like the fixed texts – remains in place during playback. This is an important and proven way to build brand recognition.


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No more words, take a look at the Recastly demo:


Recastly Premium

  • Ability To Add Videos Up to 10 Minutes of Length
  • Automatic Subtitle Generator
  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Automatic Time Stamp Generator
  • Ability to Add Professional Voiceover
  • Convert Video In Different Video Sizes
  • Add Header And Footer To Your Videos
  • Create Unlimited Campaign



Conclusion – Is Recastly Worth The Money?


The price of this subtitle maker software is not high, at the time we are doing this review, Recastly Premium costs $37. With this license, you are able to create subtitles and voiceovers for unlimited videos (max 10 min. in length). But you can still upgrade Recastly and have no limits on video length. The software comes with a training tutorial to help you get a better understanding of how to use it. There are 3 live webinars and a couple of videos for you to follow.


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Recastly – Upgrades


As we mention above, you have no limits number of subtitles or voiceovers, but you get limitation for video length. That´s why we include here all the licenses for Recastly software.

Recastly Premium – This is a Lifetime license. You get an automatic subtitle generator, 10 templates to hardcode the subtitles, you can install subtitles to videos up to 10 minutes in length, add voiceover, change video size and fix text and add watermark. Check Price

Recastly Pro – Recastly Pro has all the features as Premium plus it gives you the opportunity to upload videos longer than 10 minutes. You also get 5 additional templates each month, turn of Recastly branding, and you can export videos in different resolution (including 4k). Check Price

Recastly Agency – Agency license gives you the ability to create another Recastly account for your agency. Check Price

Recastly Video Player – With Recastly player you will be able to import all videos you made with Recastly and host them and place your videos on your pages easily with Video Player. Check Price


What Is The Difference: Recastly Premium (FE) vs Recastly Pro (OTO1) vs Recastly Agency (OTO2)


You can find 3 types of Recastly accounts. Recastly Premium, Recastly Pro, and Recastly Agency.

To access the features of Recastly Pro (OTO1) and Agency (OTO2), you have to own the Recastly Premium (FE) account. In fact, the Recastly Premium account is a must-have, while the licenses for Pro or Agency are just optional. Purchasing these OTO licenses without having the Premium account may lead to not properly working software. Get the Recastly Premium (FE) first.


FE – Recastly Premium (One Time Payment)

  • Upload and edit videos of length up to 10 mins
  • 10 subtitle templates
  • Can only download videos in 720p resolution
  • Very subtle Recastly branding on rendered videos
  • Download expires in 48 Hours

OTO 1 – Recastly Pro (Yearly or Monthly)

  • No limit on video length
  • All subtitle templates + new additions per month
  • 3D subtitle templates
  • Can download videos in as it is format (no degrading in video quality)
  • No branding
  • No expiry on downloads

OTO 2 – Recastly Agency (One Time Payment)

  • Ability to sell videos
  • Create and invite users/freelancers to projects (they edit videos on your behalf)
  • No branding
  • Share projects only to specific freelancers and not the entire account



Recastly – FAQ

How Accurate Are Translated Subtitles?

Recastly subtitle maker works online. It uses API from Google to translate subtitles, but you should know that there are still PC generated translations – they can´t be 100% accurate.

Are there any limitations?

You are able to make unlimited subtitles and voiceovers for unlimited videos with this simple subtitle editor. The only limitation you will have is the video length – 10 minutes. But you can still upgrade Recastly with no limits on video length.

How Long Will It Take For Subtitles And Voiceovers To Render?

All depends on the length of the video. In most cases, you will never wait for more than a few minutes for both subtitles and voiceovers.

Will this work on my Mac?

Recastly is cloud-based subtitle video software which works on any operating device and platform including Mac.

What languages does Recastly Create Subtitles In..?

See all supported languages – Recastly Support Language




Recastly helps you add customizable video subtitles or voiceovers in any language to your videos in few easy steps. You can also publish your video on YouTube or Facebook, or resize it and add colored borders around your video with CTA.

Recastly - Subtitle Video Editor

Recastly helps you add customizable video subtitles or voiceovers in any language to your videos in few easy steps. You can also publish your video on YouTube or Facebook, or resize it and add colored borders around your video with CTA.

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  • Features
  • User friendly
  • Value
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