Are you the lucky one who is getting enough search engine traffic to the website? Congrats. If you are not, my SERPScribe review is for you.

An article about an SEO cloud platform that is Google friendly and really helps users rank and increase website traffic.

At least that’s what the creators say.


SERPScribe Review – Improve Your Keyword Position In Search Engine


Perhaps you know that the top 3 positions in Google get almost 50% of all traffic for the keyword. But did you know that you get more traffic from being top of page 2 than a bottom of page one?

Yes, that is true.

If your page is ranked below the top 3 and you want to improve the position, you will need to use some smart SEO tools and techniques to get there.

That is why a lot of SEO agencies can charge so much money for their services. They know the sad fact.

If you are not on the first page of Google search results, you will get less than 2% of the traffic for the specific keyword.

The first and perhaps the most important step to increase traffic to your website is find hidden long tail keywords that can be easy to rank. SERPScribe can find red-hot profitable keywords no one else is ranking for.

Of course, this is not all SERPScribe can do. It would not be worth the money.


SERPScribe SEO Tool – Product Overview


Product Creator – Ben Murray
Product Name – SERPScribe Commercial
Price – $31
HomepageSERPScribe Commercial Website


Discover Easy to Rank for Keywords


SERPScribe has a built-in keyword research tool that can find 100s of long tail keywords and other important data. See the ranking difficulty score which tells you how hard is ranking for that term in the Google. Use this new found data to create an article around this keyword.

SERPScribe - keyword position in search engine

Write SEO Optimized And Unique Articles


Another nice feature of SERPScribe app is the ability to create SEO optimized, fully unique relevant articles. Then you can edit them however you wish including spinning in the included SEO on-site optimizer wizard.


Submit Article To WordPress Sites


After the article is written, you have the option to submit it once, or bulk submits to as my WordPress sites you wish. This tactic is useful for building link pyramids. SERPScribe Review - search engine optimization programs

Rank Your Videos Faster


Embed and syndicate videos on WordPress sites you can rank and control, or backlink to YouTube videos with unique content web 2.0 sites for fast rankings.

Build Backlinks From Authority Sites


There are proven methods you can use to increase your keyword position in search engine. Link building is one of the most popular. Getting a link from an Authority site can have a huge impact on your ranking.SERPScribe Review - Increase Site Traffic And Search Engine Keyword Ranking

SERPScribe SEO app allows you use the Blogs Research module to find relevant blogs for dofollow backlink where you can put a useful comment.

Another cool tool is the Broken Backlink Checker. Broken link building is one of the best ways to build links, and it’s one of the main strategies to use to rank big niche site to the #1 page in Google. Simply said, you are looking for broken links and replaced them with a link to your working page. Read more about this strategy at Backlinko

 SERPScribe Review - search engine optimization programs

Should I Use SERPScribe


SERPScribe is an all-in-one traffic app that works with Google by finding untapped keywords, creating unique content, providing powerful authority links, and more to rank your videos and sites fast. If you are looking for a tool that can all this, SERPScribe can be a cheap solution for you.


SERPScribe Demo


Watch the SERPScribe demo to better understand the full potential of this cloud platform.

SERPScribe Review – Conclusion


SERPScribe is a cloud platform hosted on solid server infrastructure for free, so you can get access to the app wherever you are. It gets all the elements you need to better rank in one single place: keywords, content and SEO rankings are all done by SERPScribe, getting you massive traffic in quick time.

Grab your copy right now for a special discount price and get huge bonuses from us and from the sellers.



Choose from different plans and packages of SERPScribe:


  • Many extra features are added to take SERPScribe to the next level.
  • Access to 3000+ more ready-made articles
  • Future monthly unique articles
  • Huge Domain Research Module
  • Domain competition
  • Ad Wizard
  • Competitors Keywords
  • Outsourcers License (Outsourcers can log in and do all the work for you)

Learn more about SERPScribe DELUXE here…

SERPScribe Agency

The agency license is allowing your customers to add client accounts and sell this as a service or as a product. It comes with all sales materials and training for them to get started and find clients. See the details of SERPScribe Agency.


A powerful additional feature of SERPScribe. It builds immediate traffic through social signals that get you viral traffic rolling in from social media and easy rankings for your sites. Learn more about SERPSignals.

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SERPScribe Cloud Platform - Summary

  • Quality
  • Features
  • User friendly
  • Value
  • Support

SERPScribe is an all-in-one traffic app that works with Google by finding untapped keywords, creating unique content, providing powerful authority links, and more to rank your videos and sites fast.