To make money online you need to make sales.

This is the easiest part.

To make sales you need to get traffic to your website. Free if possible and what is more important – targeted.

Social media offer a pretty nice solution if you are looking for low-cost traffic to your website or offer. But there is a little issue with this. You need to attract viewers to click on your post.

Posting stunning images or memes can attract visitors to click on your images. But you need to have clickable images that will be redirected to your website or choice of destination. Meet SociClicks app.

A smart cloud-based software that will help you literally steal the traffic from 5 of the most popular social networks.

SociClicks – STEAL Traffic From Social Networks

SociClicks ReviewSociClicks is a traffic generator allowing you to acquire free viral traffic from 5 social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn).



  • Generates targeted traffic
  • Automated traffic campaings
  • Image search and editor


  • It is not easy to setup the campaign

SociClicks – Learn more about SociClicks


SocialClicks Review – Post Clickable Images

Social media is a great place for entertainment content. But if you are the marketer, you need to pay. The social networks don’t want to redirect the traffic out of their platform.

Organic post reach is so low that you are forced by the major social networks to pay for ads. And of course, ads are getting more expensive every day. SocialClicks app is offering you simple hack. It allows you to create clickable images across all 5 most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and LinkedIn) and attract more visitors to the website or offer of your choice.

SocialClicks – Product Overview

Product CreatorSocialClicks
Product NameDaniel Adetunji
HomepageSocialClicks Sales Page
Refund 30-day money back guarantee




SocialClicks – How It Works

Step 1:

Login to SociClicks and connect your FB, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Tumblr Accounts (you’ll only have to do this ONCE). You can easily various Facebook pages & groups as well as your Pinterest boards … The software lets you post ANY or ALL of them anytime

Step 2:

Create A New Link Campaign. Choose an image, title, description and the link you want. Customize your links using the Action Link Controller to get maximum organic reach from your campaign

Step 3:

Post to your social media accounts. Choose networks to post to (one, more or all at the same time) as well as specific pages, groups, and boards.


SocialClicks App – Features

Maximize Your Organic Reach

With an Action Link Controller, you are able to customize all links in your posts. And users still go where you want them to. The trick is that FB sees your links as unique every time, meaning you get maximum reach from every post you publish.

Laser Target Your Traffic

The software includes a stats and analytics panel that gives you real-time info essential to your campaigns.

Scale Your Profits

See and analyze which images and offers get the most clicks and conversions and then scale these winners to maximize your results.

Set It And Forget It

The SociCliks software gives you the option to share your posts instantly or to schedule them in the future.

Traffic Your Way

Want to target visitors from all your audiences on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Tumblr at the same time? No problem. You have 100% control of the campaigns you run with this software and you decide which audience you want to target and when.

Do It From Anywhere

SociCliks is cloud-based software. You have nothing to install or download.

See Exactly How To Do It

Get access to a complete set of training videos on how to use the software for the best possible results. Step by step and easy to follow for anyone, regardless of experience.




SociClicks Demo

SociClicks Review – Conclusion

Using social networks to generate traffic to your website is getting harder every day. You can pay for ads, of course, and the social networks are forcing people to do so. But if you are looking for a free traffic, SociClicks is a smart and proven way how to get targeted visitors to your offer. You can promote any link or offer to an unlimited audience, without any experience needed. SociClicks can help you increase CTR and generate more traffic and sales into products you are promoting.





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SociClicks - Summary

  • Quality
  • Features
  • User friendly
  • Value
  • Support

Post Clickable Images in 5 Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest & Tumblr Using a Unique TRAFFIC app that’ll take you viral, become super profitable and Get you 10x Exposure, & Engagement