I keep hearing that it is almost impossible to get your content shown to your fans and their friends on Facebook anymore without paying this company for advertisement.

In 2012 Facebook reported that organic reach rates were roughly 16%. In simple words, your fans were seeing 1 out 6 posts you were posting. In 2014 that number is around 6%, or 1 out of every 16 posts.

So, what to do when you want to get traffic from Facebook without paying for ads?

Try SociOffer. A cloud-based app that is 100% Facebook compliant, works in any niche and what is most important, it can lead highly targeted traffic from Facebook to any offer. Continue reading this SociOffer review and learn more about interesting technique this tool uses to get the attention of FB users.

SociOffer – Autopilot Traffic From FB

SociOffer Review - Get Targeted Facebook Traffic Direct To Your OffersSociOffer is Facebook compliant software that helps you explode your free traffic and profits on FB by introducing profit boosting features you won’t find elsewhere.



  • Clickable offers
  • Auto-like & auto-comment feature
  • Tracking and analytics


  • Not for beginners

SociOffer – Learn more about SociOffer

SociOffer Review

Facebook is massive social networks and a great place for traffic. Last years, the only way to get that traffic is to pay for it. SociOffer software is developed by Daniel Adetunji and designed to drive more leads, sales, and profits to offer you choose. It looks really promising, so let’s take a closer look at what it offers.

SociOffer App – Product Overview

Product creator – Daniel Adetunji
Product Name – SociOffer
Price – $9/month
Homepage – SociOffer Website
Bonuses – Yes
Special Discount – $1 dollar trial



SociOffer how it works

Daniel Adetunji’s SociOffer is the revolutionary Facebook tool based on the strategy companies such as Udemy or Amazon. This viral traffic dominator is simple to use. Almost can be said that everything you need to do is follow these 3 steps.

Connect your FB accounts to SociOffer software

All the pages and groups you manage will be viewable inside the SociOffer dashboard instantly, so you can synchronize any or all of them to your campaigns.

Create a new offer

Select a video or attention-grabbing image type offer. Decide on your incentive: cash discount, % discount, buy 1 get 1 free, or free giveaway. Define expiry dates, upload image or video and get a LIVE preview of what your offer will look like right on the dashboard.

Post the offer

Just select the group or page you want to post your offer. Optimize the auto share, auto like and auto comment features of SociOffer to get the max of the Facebook viral traffic. Of course, you are able to schedule your posts to be published in the future.

It is really easy, what do you think? Facebook offers can be used to build mailing lists, draw attention to new events, or help build authority and recognition across the Facebook network.

SociOffer Review - Get Targeted Facebook Traffic Direct To Your Offers

SociOffer Key Features

Create free native offer post inside Facebook pages and sharing your all other pages, groups, profile and auto liking the post by other pages.SociOffer Review - Get Targeted Facebook Traffic Direct To Your Offers

Create offer post with video, single video offer post, images. These images are clickable, and also schedule offers multiple times, and automatically post over a period of time to get more and more engagement.

Not only that, you’ll be able to share the post across all other pages, groups and your profiles, Auto like on your post by other pages that you own.

Even if it means, you have 100 pages or groups you belong to, you can automatically share your offers, and people can claim their discount, which will, in turn, generate massive sales for you in return.

Watch SociOffer demo to understand how this app works

Should I buy SociOffer software

SociOffer gives you the new way how to find targeted traffic on Facebook and drives it to your offer.

Offers are basically some other shape of advertising on Facebook. They’re also an extra possibility for corporations to promote our services and products thru focused word-of-mouth advertising on Facebook.

The tool uses an FB offers to provide customers with great deals or discount and turn them it to buyers. This tool also automates the sharing of offer posts and liking them on pages.



SociOffer Review – Conclusion

These days is hard to get viral traffic from Facebook. The average reach of the non-advertised post is around 6% and that is really low. SociOffer brings you relatively cheap option how to grab the attention of protentional customers on Facebook.

If I said cheap, I stand by my statement. I have been using FB ads and know how expensive are they. Now you have a tool that drives you targeted traffic to your offer without spending a penny for ads. There is a variety of price packages of SociOffer available to be taken into consideration before you make your final decision.

SociOffer Lite: $9/month, use this link to get 1 dollar trial.

  • Offer post with video and image.
  • Facebook Account: 1
  • Number of Pages: 50
  • Number of Campaign: 30

Read more about SociOffer Lite plan

SociOffer Elite: $37/lifetime

  • Offer post with video and image.
  • Unlimited number of post and groups
  • Unlimited number of campaigns

Read more about SociOffer Elite plan

SociOffer Pro: $47/lifetime

  • Offer post with carousel
  • Unlimited Facebook accounts
  • Everything other is unlimited too

Read more about SociOffer Pro plan

Soci Notifier And Lead Collector: $67/lifetime

  • Unlimited leads from Facebook
  • Unlimited notification sending

Read more about Soci Notifier and lead collector



Great Idea

SociOffer Software - Summary

  • Quality 92%
  • Features 90%
  • User friendly 92%
  • Value 90%
  • Support 90%

SociOffer software is developed by Daniel Adetunji and designed to drive more leads, sales and profits to offer you choose.