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Start getting more attention and engagement on your social media profiles with viral pics, stories or videos. The is a WP plugin that can find the hot content you can post directly to your site and social profiles with just one click. WordPress Plugin Review

A lot of successful websites such as Buzzfeed, ViralNova, BoringPanda or UpWorthy are using other people’s viral content on their sites. And they are making tons of money. Of course, these giants have got a lot of people which are searching the internet for the content every single day.

If you like the idea of having a viral site but do you have not a lot of money for hiring another people, but you still want to have successful and money making website… – is a kind of solution.

Just look at the 9Gag or ViralNova website to see how simple and powerful viral content can be. Let’s face it, these websites have a very simple concept. Upload picture or video, write a short text, use Google Adsense for making money. That’s all. The hard part of this process is the finding of content.

The WordPress plugin gives you the power of a team of 12 people. Really. Viralism allows you find trending online content on the internet, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Giphy and much more. When the plugin finds the content, it syndicates them to your WordPress site and Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest with a single push of the button. can solve a problem between you and your commissions. This useful plugin uses the viral content of other people that is 100% free. WP Plugin – Product Overview

  • Product creator – Matthew Neer
  • Product WP Plugin
  • Launch date –  July 7th, 2017
  • Sales pageCLICK HERE
  • Refund – 30-day money back guarantee



Viralism Demo – Features

Discover Trending Content

With the use of the Viralism plugin, you get the power to find trending stories, images or videos from the internet.

One-Click Viral Publishing

Just syndicate the content to WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest with a click of the mouse.

Drip Feed Viral Stories

You are able to setup massive viral campaign to grow your followings and to engage your audience

Get Viral Leads And Sales

Convert the new traffic to more sales and leads with option forms or key native ad placements and affiliates offers. WordPress Plugin Review

Should I buy WordPress plugin 

This is a good question. On one side, if you like the idea to have a viral website or blog, this plugin could be a useful help and time saver. Viral websites make a lot of money and they are posting many times a day. The biggest one Buzzfeed is posting hundreds of articles, lists, and videos a single day. This is crazy. You cannot compete with it.

With a you have a potential to create a site like Viralnova, 9Gag or LiquidCheez.

It is on you. Viral content allows you make quick money, but it is a short-term business. Exactly the Hit and run concept. The main issue with Viralism plugin we have is the customer service. The support is horrible, they don´t answer emails or questions on social media. Even after month we don’t get a single answer.


The WordPress plugin is an affordable solution for people who want to get more traffic, customers or sales. Using a viral content is a well-known and effective concept to get a lot of attention. The product offers you free 30 days trial, so why not use it and check out if it the right tool for you. Three versions are available – Basic, Pro, Unlimited WordPress plugin – Full Package Plugin

Discover trending viral content in real time from around the internet, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Video and Images via GIPHY API and more. Then syndicate to WP + FB, Twitter, & Pinterest with 1 click.

Viral Supercharger Theme

This Premium WP Theme will let users become a Viral Platform where their visitors and contribute and post content to their site. Plus a beautiful facelift along with multiple different and powerful viral functionalities.

ClickBait Headline Swipefile

This Premium WP Theme will let users become a Viral Platform where their visitors and contribute and post content to their site. Plus a beautiful facelift along with multiple different and powerful viral functionalities. 

Agency License

Customers receive a reseller license to our software which they can sell as a service at any price point they desire. Similar to Social Media Management except for Viral Sites. 


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