Email marketing is a powerful strategy with which to promote your business. It helps you attract new customers and maintain close relationships with existing loyal customers or visitors of your website.

The best way how to convert new visitors to your website into your email list is the annoying popup. A display area, usually a small window, that appears in the foreground of the website and is activated by visitors action or simply by time.

Maybe annoying but it still works.

The easiest way to integrate this element into your website is a plugin. For proud WordPress users, I found new popup plugin called XuPop.


XuPoP Review – New WordPress Popup Window Plugin

Using a WordPress without plugins is like using a smartphone without apps or battery. This piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website in a few seconds and can really extend the functionality your website.

Adding the XuPoP popup plugin in WordPress is the matter of seconds. After activation, you are able to create the new popup, select the style, select the animations and background, preview it and then save it. That’s how it works.

XuPoP gives you the power to create five different, fully customizable pop ups that can be run on any WordPress page and theme, within seconds.

XuPoP Plugin – Product Overview

  • Product creator – Duncan MacGibbon
  • Product Name – XuPoP
  • HomepageXuPoP Website
  • Refund – 30-day money back guarantee
  • Special Discount60% OFF


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XuPoP WordPress Plugin – Key Features

The developer promises a powerful plugin with fully customizable popups. So, let’s take a closer look at XuPoP´s features and how it works.

Create a new XuPoP pop-up

Firstly, you need to create the popup. Enter the basic settings for it before you start the customization.

  • Give it Title
  • Choose a layout
  • Choose the page the popups will appear on
  • Pick a trigger action times, scroll, exit intent and more…
  • Select from huge range of dynamic entry presentation animations
  • Add image or Video full page backgrounds
  • Add confirm, thank you message or re-direct URLs

Select pop-up style

Now you can choose which popup you want to use and then customize it.

Email Opt-Ins

Create beautiful, clean, one or two step opt-in boxes that can build your list faster you think. Link your favorite autoresponder without any coding or copy paste in your form code to bypass 2 step confirmations and start marketing to your new customers instantly.

XuPoP Review - New Interesting Popup WordPress Plugin

Video and Images

Insert attention grabbing video or images to drive traffic to your pages, subscription areas or affiliate offers easier than ever.


Add pop up surveys to find out what your visitors want from you and your website.

Countdown Timers

Add clean, hard to ignore, highly flexible, countdown timers to create a sense of urgency and boost conversions instantly.

Special Offers

Create offer boxes to highlight your product features and benefits and generate clicks to your pages. Perfect for affiliate blogs, sales websites, or anyone that wants more traffic to their offer pages.

Now I present you perhaps the best feature of this WordPress popup window plugin. You can combine all these features in one popup. XuPoP WordPress plugin gives you this ability.

Once your pop up is ready – add an eye-popping dynamic entry animation, HD image or video background.

Animated Entry

Pick from a large range of dynamic animations for when your pop-up animates onto the viewer’s screen.

HD Image Backgrounds

Add a beautiful HD image to your full page background to match your campaign and convert your impressed leads.

HD Video Backgrounds

Add HD video backgrounds by simply pasting in a link and set the perfect mood for the lead to take action.

Exit PopUps

Create exit popups, no messy HTML code involve and convert your outgoing traffic into leads and customers.

Once you are up and running, your main dashboard and analytics keep you in full control.

XuPoP Review

Should I use XuPop WordPress Plugin

Have an email list for your business is still aery important. You need to convert traffic into leads and sales. Using popups is a proven way to get more leads on your list.

Pages with a well-designed and thoughtfully implemented popup convert better than ones with a crappy.

XuPoP plugin gives you an opportunity to create beautiful popups. With the multitudes of features, settings, backgrounds, and combinations, only your imagination will be the limit.

XuPoP Review – Conclusion

Good working popup plugin in WordPress can do a miracle. It will convert new visitors into leads and sales like crazy. XuPoP tries to compete with established products like OptinMonster, Bloom, Thrive Leads or SumoMe. 

It brings a lot of interesting features like the possibility to combine more popups into the one. Successfully? We’ll see. Right now, you can use this WordPress popup plugin free during the trial period, so you can make sure that my words in this XuPop review are true.


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XuPoP WordPress plugin - Summary

  • Quality 87%
  • Features 89%
  • User friendly 84%
  • Value 85%
  • Support 80%

Brand new WordPress popup plugin that gives you the power to create five different, fully customizable pop ups and combine them to...