Solar Powered Window Phone Charger – Works even on cold cloudy days

Stay prepared no matter where you are traveling with window mounted solar rechargeable power bank. Designed to get you out of a jam, the portable power bank features 2000mAh lithium battery that provides a boost of energy for your smartphone or tablet device. Just simply plugin included USB cable and you can recharge your phone. You don´t worry about your phone dying while you are traveling in your car. A durable rubber suction cup allows you to quickly stick your charger onto a car window or places where the solar panel can absorb natural energy provided by the sun.

So, no matter where you are, rest easy knowing you have a reliable power source.

The GreenLighting Solar Phone Charger Power Bank is designed with quick charge technology to get you back to work quicker than ever. The unit comes with a multi-use USB cord for charging iOS and Android devices, amongst others.


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