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You’ve ever heard of Beryllium? The lightest metal element in Alkaline earth metal elements? Beryllium is the fourth lightest metal element and four times stronger than steel, but above all, this material allows for a more coherent, powerful sound. It makes him great material for any audio device. Starbrick Be4 Earphones are made from Beryllium. Special earphones designed to provide the user with a warm and full sound up to 16 KHz.

StarBrick Be4 earphones are limited to a production run of 3000 pieces. Each earphone comes with a hand numbered certificate of authenticity card.

One of the common problems with earphones on the market are the cheap construction materials. Starbrick Be4 earphones are different. Designed with an aluminum and wood casing and the dynamic driver is of Beryllium. This is said to provide listeners with clean and crisp audio with minimal distortion.

Starbrick Be4 Beryllium Earphones - Bring Your Music To Life

The Sound Performance of Starbrick Be4

The Highs

The guitar volume swells. It’s smooth and fast at the same time. The sounds of the cymbals are aggressive. The music comes alive and rings with clarity.

The Mid Range

The Starbrick Be4 lets you hear the definition of each instrument used in a song, feeling the physical impression of the instruments’ true sound. You’re able to hear and identify the sweet, velvety voices and distinguish the smooth piano keys from all of your favorite artists.

The Bass

Bass performance is the most misunderstood aspect of reproduced sound. The popular belief is that the more bass, the better. This is reflected in ads for “subwoofers” that promise things like “earthshaking bass.” What matters to the true music lover isn’t the quantity of bass, but the quality. The Be4 Earphones bring you the highest quality and best reproduction bass through our dynamic driver. You will hear the balanced bass.

If you are interested in these handsomely designed, comfortable and nicely tuned earphones, use the link below the article. The first 75 backers get a pair for $99, next 75 for $109, and $119 for anyone else. The delivery date is promised for August 2017.

Designer: Starbrick Inc

All images and video via Kickstarter/Starbrick Inc