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The crowdfunded project called Swytch aims to bring the latest eBike technology in an affordable and portable package. In other words, you can have an electric bike conversion in the bag.

The Swytch Kit is an all-in-one electric conversion kit that is compatible with ANY type of bike, road bikes to beach cruisers and everything in between. Easily convert your own bike to electric power, while maintaining the look and feel of your original ride.

Swytch Kit is an easy-to-use solution if you are looking for a smart way to get a normal bike and an electric bike, all in one. It’s lightweight, compact and removable so you can instantly switch it back into a regular bike.

How Swytch Works

The first installation takes less than 10 minutes and is as easy as swapping the wheel. Once the system kit is installed, converting from bike to eBike takes just a few seconds.

  1. Swat your wheel with the Swytch Motor Wheel
  2. Fit the magnetic disc pedal sensor
  3. Attach the connector bracket to your handlebars

Bringing British quality design and engineering, the Swytch team has created the most affordable, lightweight conversion kit available. Power your ride up to 20 mph for a 50 mi range with minimal added weight.

Swytch Kit

Swytch Features


A big advantage of the Swytch kit is that it is half the weight of other eBike kits with the same range. The hub motor adds only 1.5kg (3.3lb) and the power pack weighs just 2.1kg (4.6lbs).


The powerful high torque 250W 30Nm hub motor wheel can easily go up a 20% gradient without pedaling and 30% gradient with pedaling.


The top speed of Swytch Kit can get up to 20 MPH.

Long Range

You can choose from 25 or 50-mile range with 5 power modes you are able to control. With short 3 hour charge time it is easy to top up the battery during a long distance journey.

Swytch Kit Features

The Swytch Kit is currently running an Indiegogo campaign, with pledge starting at US$299 for the 25-mile model. The planned retail price will be $650, so you can save more than half of the price with an early pledge.

Designer: Swytch Team

Images and video via Swytch Team / Indiegogo