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The market is full of great tactical gloves for military members, security professionals or trade workers. But that does not mean there is no room for useful improvements. High School entrepreneur Cade Cassidy has taken premium tactical and work gloves to the next level by adding premium removable lights greatly enhancing their functionality. To bring the idea to life, he launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to offer the Tactical Lites gloves to consumers.

“I’m not ashamed to admit I am near obsessed with developing superior tactical gear to help our heroes who protect our nation and our workers who build our country be able to perform more efficiently and more safely,” commented Cassidy, founder of the company. “We knew this was a need that had to be met and made sure we sourced top of the line materials to make it happen. With us, it is always quality over quantity.”

Tactical Lites gloves

Tactical Lites gloves

Each pair of these gloves is made of the premium materials and designed to meet the needs of an array of users. The gloves are equipped with a patent pending multi-function waterproof LED light unit letting the user switch between white light, red light or led strobe light. The LED unit is placed securely inside each glove and is rechargeable through an included USB cable.

Right now, you can choose from three versions of Tactical Lites gloves – tactical gloves, utility gloves, and work gloves.

Each is touchscreen enabled with a Velcro pocket then further; form fitting, reinforced where needed, padded, offer a secure grip, zero bunching and are breathable.

The Kickstarter campaign has just launched for the Tactical Lites gloves. The price starts at $15 for a single LED light unit and $40 for Tactical or Utility gloves with LED lights.

Designer: Cade Cassidy


All images via Cade Cassidy/Kickstarter