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Tesla is doing more than just good looking electric cars. Elon Musk, the company’s CEO, is a technopreneur who wants to change the world and the solar business is another area where Musk has expressed his interest in.

Tesla spent almost $2 billion and bought the SolarCity, so the new company is now an unequivocal sun-to-vehicle energy firm. The solar roof is one of the projects that bought Tesla with this acquisition. To be more exact, we are referring to roof shingles.

Elon Musk and tesla solar roof

These unique roof shingles look just like any standard roof, except that there are embedded solar cells which will allow it to generate power from the rays of the sun.

Tesla solar panels

Musk is exciting and optimistic about the idea of a solar roof and said that the Tesla solar roof product will be more affordable than a standard roof.

solar roof and solarcity

What do you need to know about Tesla solar roof?

Tesla will begin installing and selling its solar roof later this year and the solar panels will be available in four styles to match different housing aesthetic.

solar_roof and tesla

Here is how it works.

The top of the roof tile is made of textured glass. It looks like shingles from most angles, but it allows sunlight to pass through from above and into a standard solar cell with almost no loss in efficiency. Tesla says that their glass is as though as steel and can weather a lifetime of abuse from the elements. It can also be fitted with heating elements to melt off snow in colder climates.

Made with tempered glass, Solar Roof tiles are more than three times stronger than standard roofing tiles. That’s why we offer the best warranty in the industry – the lifetime of your house, or infinity, whichever comes first.

tesla solar roof

The main idea is that you are able to run your home on solar power, store it the slim battery that hangs on your wall and then uses that electricity to power your home and car. The Powerwall 2, so it’s called the battery, is the world’s cheapest lithium-Ion storage to extend rooftop solar power into the night. This smart combination is perhaps closest we have ever come to affordable off-grid electricity. 

Tesla Powerwall 2, aims to be a simple solution to the difficulties with solar power, by making sure you’ve actually got the power when you need it. Read more

tesla_powerwall 2

powerwall 2

images source: Tesla

We don´t know much about the price (the price update is below the article), Elon Musk still has not given specific pricing information, just said: 

The goal is to make sunroofs look better than a normal roof, generate electricity, last longer, have better isolation and actually have an installed cost that is less than a normal roof plus the cost of electricity.

However, Lyndon Rive, SolarCity’s former CEO, said that “we think we can get to that price point of 40 cents a Watt over time in large scale for the solar cells“, which would put it in line with the competition. 

video source: Nechstar Channel


There are plenty of reasons to be skeptical, but if Musk can pull if off, the Tesla products like Solar Roof, Powerwall 2, and the Model 3 Electric Car will be available at Tesla stores across the US by the end of 2017.

Updated May 21, 2017:

How much will a Tesla Solar Roof cost on my home?

Tesla has provided an online calculator that attempts to compute the cost of a Tesla Solar Roof based on a home’s approximated square foot and a number of stories. Single story homes are presumed to have double the roof surface area than a 2-story home with the same interior space. Here are some estimates on how much a Tesla Solar Roof will cost depending on the size of the home:

1.500 square feet (1 story) – $55,600
1,500 square feet (2 story) – $29,500
2.000 square feet (1 story) – $72,700
2,000 square feet (2 story) – $38,300
3,000 square feet (1 story) – $55,600
3,000 square feet (2 story) – $106,600
5,000 square feet (1 story) – $155,300
5,000 square feet (2 story) – $89,700

Solar Roof costs outlined are based on 60% solar coverage and does not take into account value of the energy produced from the roof tiles themselves. The cost also does not factor in any local solar tax credits which varies by region.

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