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This Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack has an interesting concept — it has a design that doesn’t allow access to the innards of the bag through the rear (exposed) area. The zippers are on the inside of the bag, which would be against your back when carried. This design also makes for a very clean, almost futuristic look.

The backpack only has two external pockets, both are in the area of the backpack that is located against the carrier’s back. Again, not exposed to the outside for thieves to pick through on the subway/bus, etc.

The inside portion has two sides, as the backpack opens up like a clamshell. The one side is for a larger laptop, up to 15.6″. The other side has a number of pockets and sleeves for smaller electronics. It also has a set of elastic tie downs to keep everything locked down.


The Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack - Specially designed to safeguard your property

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Safety … If you need the bag to protect your laptop and carry things for the work, it does both. It can protect all of your products as well, cause it is really anti-theft.

Quality … So far, the quality is excellent. Everything works as it should and it seems really sturdy and good quality.

1. The zipper is Hidden, Padded compartment and has set an elastic band to make it secured.
2. It has a private pocket you can put your wallet or cash.
3. Padded strap, Anti-scratch, and waterproof.


Overall conclusion:
The pack is pretty simple, and it isn’t huge. It’s perfect for the student with electronics, or for a storage area for electronics on trips/vacation. It’s nice and classy enough to be used in a professional setting, as long as you don’t mind carrying it like a backpack. Based on the design, it will prevent theft of items that may otherwise be vulnerable in another backpack design.



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