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With over 50 people injured of killed by the anti-personnel mines each day, unmarked minefields still destroy lives and spread fear in the country.

A land mine is an explosive device concealed under or on the ground and designed to destroy or disable enemy targets, ranging from combatants to vehicles and tanks, as they pass over or near it. Such a device is typically detonated automatically by way of pressure when a target steps on it or drives over it, although other detonation mechanisms are also sometimes used. [Wikipedia]
The product designer Massoud Hassani, which grown up in Kabul (Afghanistan) surrounded active minefields, want to do something about it.
In 2012 came the result. Mine Kafon, a low-cost, wind-powered minesweeper that is designed to be light enough to be pushed by the wind, but heavy enough to trip mines as it rolls over them.

The Mine Kafon is mine clearance device made from bamboo, plastic, and iron. The iron ball in the middle of the tool consists of a GPS device, surrounded by bamboo legs topped with biodegradable plastic feet.
The Kafon which cost only $50 is designed to destroy itself and the landmine. With this low price, it could be used as a cheap and safe way to identify dangerous areas that need demining.

Mine Kafon Drone

In the summer of 2016, Hassani came back with an idea of Mine Kafon Drone. The drone is using a three-step process to map, detect and detonate landmines and could be up to 20 times faster than currently used technologies.

The Mine Kafon Drone works on a similar principle as the first gadget. It is a low-cost alternative to the vehicle or personal demining that can cover ground fast. One of the functions of the drone is using its camera to map and scan bigger areas for mines, so they can be cleared with conventional methods or at least marked off to keep out civilians.

The Mine Kafon Drone is able to detonate mines itself and it can do it without destroying or damaging itself. It can be fitted with a robotic arm which delivers a detonator payload to a mine and then will blow up the charge safely long away from demining personnel.

The drone is working up to 20 times faster than the standard demining techniques. With the drones, we could reduce land mines globally, faster, cheaper and without no casualties.

video source: Nechstar Channel