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See two screens at once. Make your work more efficient. This little Mountie clip by Ten One Design allows you to clip an iPad onto a laptop and make a triple monitor. Mountie isn’t the first gadget to do what it does, but it does appear to be among the best designed.

The reason you might want to use it is for multitasking, to create a multi-monitor laptop scenario. Normally you’d only do it with one iPad but that’s just not exciting enough. Let your laptop, phone, and tablet working together as one powerful multi-screen system.

Mountie by Ten One Design

Once you get connected like that you are probably wondering “What’s on the iPad?” “What’s on the laptop?” Because Mountie gives you the coolest triple monitor setup ever! There’s an app. It’s called Duet Display and it allows you to extend your desktop onto an iPad. In fact, there’s another one called Air Display. Each one is a little different, with different features and functions.

How many people wish they had a triple (multi) monitor setup on the go! But you don’t want to have a separate external display, they are big, they are heavy, they require power source because they don’t have a battery built-in. An iPad sort of solves all of that. And with the Mountie Clip is so easy to make your own multi-monitor scenario. So easy because attaching the Mountie clip is super easy; thanks to the simple lever-action used.

Mountie by Ten One Design


  • Small and lightweight. Perfect size for clipping the phone and laptop.
  • The first time adjustment takes longer, but faster and easier to use over and over.
  • The cam locks are fast and secure.
  • The relatively small grip area doesn’t block any screen space on the phone or laptop but is still plenty to hold a phone securely.



  • Doesn’t feel as sturdy for heavy loads.


Try to make your own Triple Monitor Notebook with the Mountie clip.

Designer: Ten One Design




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