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What is a USB Microphone?

USB Microphone is a device used for capturing vocals without too many extra equipments required.

The best part of these devices is that they are portable and comes with easy interface. USB Microphones comes with a large range of compatibility and it can be used on your MAC, PC laptop, and iPad without any fuss.

Many social media sites especially YouTube has given a big platform for the singers, vocalists, podcasters, and musicians to perform.

If you think you can sing well then use these platforms to create your identity.

Before doing this you will need few devices to capture your sound.

Here these USB Microphones will be your true companion and will deliver best results.

These days USB Microphones are built with the latest technology to give their best. These devices have become more prominent and get a technology up-gradation with time.

USB Microphones has become most popular among online vocalists and YouTubers. This small and portable device is packed with every feature required for capturing quality sound. It’s true that these devices can’t match the level of the heavy setup of professional recording microphones, but they are best if you can’t manage a huge setup every time and everywhere.

Here’s a list of top 10 USB Microphones from the best stores and brands of UK.

Fifine USB Microphone – An ideal podcast microphone

Fifine USB Microphone is a condenser microphone with a USB port that makes the computer connection very easy. This USB microphone gets powered by the USB source itself and doesn’t need any external power source.Fifine USB Microphone

Its easy and simple interface makes it an ideal podcast microphone without too much fuss. This USB microphone will be an ideal choice for both field and home studio recording. Fifine USB Microphone is built with quality USB mic that looks absolute sturdy.

This USB microphone will be an ideal choice for both field and home studio recording. Fifine USB Microphone is built with quality USB mic that looks absolute sturdy.

The USB mic has two adjusters, one for the volume and other for the echo. The silver metal mesh and solid metal are used in making this USB mic. The volume and the echo can be adjusted to make the sound great easily with the adjusters available. These adjusters help users to capture quality sound no matter what is the environment.

Fifine USB Microphone is no doubt is a high quality studio USB microphone that always captures clear and crisp sound. Its easy interface makes recording a fun with no more fuss. This USB microphone is best for YouTube streaming, Skype calls, podcasts, vocals, voice over and video chats.

BLUE Yeti – Perfect for YouTubers

The best part of these microphones is they are very easy to set and use. Blue Yeti USB microphone is also having an easy interface and a beginner can manage to capture quality sound. Featured with very simple and sophisticated controls Blue Yeti lets you capture the sound exactly you want.

Blue Yeti USB MicrophoneBrilliantly designed for use with any PC and MAC, just connect it to the PC or MAC using its USB connection. Its amazing adjustable feature helps you in adjusting the controls for pattern selection, headphone volume, and microphone gain.

Blue Yeti comes with adjustable pattern setting. You can switch between vocals, podcasts, instruments or interviews instantly to capture the sound you are looking for. Its instant mute button allows you to take a break from your recordings.

A short break will help you in boosting your productivity and skill as well.

Blue Yeti microphone will be a perfect gadget for the budding podcasters, YouTubers, and other vocalists. This device is developed with tri-capsule technology and designed to provide the professional level recording.

LESHP USB Microphone – Perfect sound capturing device

LESHP microphone is developed with shock mount that reduces handling noise. It’s tailored frequency responses brilliantly and provides vocal crispness and intelligibility. 

This microphone is loaded with built in super reverberation chip to deliver perfect sound capturing. For getting superb vocals you just have to adjust the rotary knob of the reverberation chip. This process will give you perfect reverberation effect.LESHP Volume Reverberation Condenser


LESHP USB microphone comes with a front load amplifier chip. This USB microphone gets power supply from USB terminal, thus there is no need of an external sound console.

This condenser microphone comes with standard 3.5mm audio cable plug, thus you don’t have to switch, just plug and play. Without any installed driver and any complicated debugging, you can start recording instantly. This device is made to respond fast and best for recording podcasts and narrations.

LESHP microphone always captures rich sound. The ball shaped anti wind cap is built to protect this microphone against the singer’s split and wind interferences. Its shock mounting feature can reduce handling noise effectively.

ASUS ROG Strix – Ideal For Live Streaming

Asus Rog Strix is built to deliver enhanced sensitivity and clarity. It is equipped with three studio level condenser capsules that made this device perfect for recording quality sound anywhere.

Brilliantly designed for live streaming this USB microphone is equipped with noise cancellation feature.

Sleek designed and stylish this USB microphone comes with customizable Aura-RGB lighting effects.

The available auxiliary port is ideal for recording audio from mobile devices and musical instrument. It also has external USB hub that is made for connecting external devices.


Behringer C-1U –  Cool podcasting and home recording mic

Behringer C-1U USB microphone comes with software suite and brilliant audio interface. This USB microphone is equipped with large diaphragm condenser with 48 kHz USB interface. All these components help in providing unsurpassed audio quality.Behringer C-1U USB

Behringer C-1U USB microphone comes with Kristal audio engine, Audacity audio editor, Podifier uploading software and Podnova and Juice downloading software. This USB microphone comes with the maximum Sound Pressure Level of 136db. This device will be an ideal microphone for live applications and studio recording.

This quality condenser microphone will help you in making your podcasting and home recording dreams come true. Behringer C-1U USB microphone comes with USB interface that makes recording faster than ever. Its easy interface minimizes your preparation and requirement of external equipment.

It is built to work on the plug and play concept so just plug Behringer C-1U USB microphone to your computer and record.


Blue Raspberry – Perfect for both instruments and vocals

No, it is neither a fruit nor eatable. Blue Raspberry is a quality USB microphone equipped with internal acoustic diffuser design to record clear sound minimizing the unwanted background sound. This USB microphone is like a vocal studio that is obviously portable and can be carried in your palm.

Raspberry is built to deliver professional results wherever you go. It is an ultimate portable condenser microphone that is perfect for both instruments and vocals.

Blue Raspberry is developed to deliver studio quality sound drastically. It also has a wider range of device compatibility and can be easily connected to your Mac, PC, iPad or iPhone.

Raspberry condenser USB microphone comes with 1.5 m cable for connection, noise canceling feature, USB connectivity, adjustable microphone and mute control feature.

BLUE Snowball – Awesome for instant recording

Capture quality sound with this quality USB microphone. Blue Snowball USB microphone captures HD sound and this microphone comes with the automatic noise cancellation feature that rejects even the smallest background noise.Blue Snowball USB Microphone

Blue Snowball comes with the vast range of frequency enables the voice capturing of a wider range of notes. It can easily catch and capture sounds from high screeching singing to low-down bass notes. Easy to connect and work on the concept of plug and play this microphone can be connected via USB to computer or laptop instantly.

This portable and lightweight device provides instant connectivity no matter wherever you want instant recording. It just weighs 2Kg with tripod stand included. It can be easily carried down the streets, to the concerts, studios or any other place you want.

You can also save your recordings to upload it on social media later.

Blue Snowball comes with Skype compatibility. Thus you can sing away live using this microphone or use it for enhanced conversations. This device is built to deliver the best sound and its sleek and stylish design provokes its users to boast it.

Samson C01U – Good for capturing quality sound

Samson C01U is large and comes in a diaphragm of a studio condenser microphone. It also works on the concept of plug and play, so just plug into your PC and start recording.Samson C01UCW Studio USB

No extra external components required, Samson C01U is enough for capturing quality sound. It is also compatible with the popular audio software. This USB microphone is developed with a brilliant hyper cardioid pattern with 48 kHz, 16-bit resolution.

Samson C01U comes with a flat and smooth frequency response of 18 to 20 kHz. This microphone is built with die-cast, solid construction with gauge mesh grill. This device comes with a USB cable and a swivel stand included. Samson C01U is loaded with Cakewalk Sonar music software and noise cancellation software too.


Razer Seiren – Ideal for various vocal activities

This USB microphone is manufactured by Razer and it is a brilliant device with its feature.

Razer Seiren Elite

Razer Seiren can be easily plugged into a computer for capturing sound. This USB microphone is ideal for podcasting, Skype streaming, YouTube and many other vocal activities.

It is a condenser microphone with the incredible voice cancelling level of 120 dB. This USB microphone is built to respond with 20-20000 Hz. Built with easy interface and USB plugging make your recording easy and simple. Its easy operating controls and volume controls allow you to capture the sound you have desired.



ProSound USB Microphone – Designed for high quality recording

ProSound USB Microphone is a quality microphone comes with USB 2.0 connector. It is brilliantly developed for high quality recording.ProSound USB Vocal Microphone

ProSound USB Microphone always captures quality sound and perfect for audio blogging and podcasts. This device is equipped with a uni-directional mic having a wide frequency response. ProSound USB Microphone also comes with the adjustable volume feature allows you to capture the sound you desire.

An LED indicator on this device gives status and also delivers sound monitoring indications. ProSound USB Microphone has an excellent sample rate of 16 bit and 48 kHz. Simply you can just plug and play with no external driver required for Vista or Windows XP.

Lastly, its stylish construction and rugged design make it a product to boast.




In this modern era, we prefer those devices which have a simple interface and are easy to carry. These USB microphones fit perfectly in the list of those kinds of devices.

Social media now has grown bigger and with great importance in our life. These kinds of devices make our interaction very easy with our online viewers, customers or followers.

The top ten list of best USB microphones here will help you in finding a perfect USB microphone from the tons of options available no doubt.

USB microphones are great devices and the manufacturers are trying to make them more handy and useful.

All the way these devices are made to catch the latest innovation level without compromising it quality audio capture. These devices are small but packed with effective and necessary features.