The Top Tech Lies We All Tell Ourselves

Thery you have it. the top tech lies we all tell ourselves.

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Being honest with ourselves is really important but sometimes we tell ourselves little lies to justify some behaviors.

There you have it.

The top tech lies we all tell ourselves.

Selfies are OK.

Selfies are popular. The word itself is now recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary. However unless you want the group or in front of something amazing, we all know you took 30 different photos before you post that one selfie online. Never walked by someone taking selfie where there´s nothing special going on? You know how silly this is.

It´s OK to reuse that password

No, it is not okay to reuse that password! You think it´s okay because what are the odds of the site would be compromised and your password would leak. So, why not use that password again and again and again. It is a terrible idea. Stop lying to yourself.

You don´t have to check your phone just it buzzed

We have seen it all the time. Phone buzzes on a dinner table and your lovely dinner date begin that little dance. You look at each other when he looks at the phone on the table that space down and this continues until one of you snaps. There is some kind of sick compulsion to check your phone buzzes.


You are not a digital hoarder

You think you watch every movie or TV show you have on your Netflix watch list. You think you´ll try out the new app you downloaded, you´ll play every steam game pay for it. Maybe even you use all these groupons. You are only fooling yourself. There will be a day when you do all those things, it´s called 30th at the February. Think you about that one.

Your private information will stay private

You set your facebook profile to private and you think no one will ever see your photos meant for select few. It texted someone a picture that you´d be embarrassed to see somewhere else. Bad news for you. It is almost impossible to scrub something off the internet after it´s been on there. It´s like trying to get food coming out of the water. Now to be clear. We are not saying that people who share photos of themselves are fair game to hacks or unapproved sharing photos. They are not. What we are saying that believing whatever you put online can be private is one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves

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