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Here’s one cool lifesaving idea from Noras Performance out of Portugal. U-SAFE is an innovative and unique lifesaving buoy that is able to drive itself around in the water by remote control. So, it can reach the victim faster, and transport them to safety.

The U-SAFE buoy is a battery-powered device, with a remote control thumbstick that gives you the ability to drive it as a small watercraft. When do you throw it into the water it propels itself using a pair of turbines which take in water and fire it out the back.

u-safe revolution

images source: Noras Performance


When the U-SAFE reaches the victim, it has enough power to help drag the human back toward safety, which could be a better option for rescuing people from water than a launching a rescue boat.

The U-SAFE lifesaving buoy is the result of many years of experience and the will to save lives. The recipe is simple technology, know-how, and innovation. A revolutionary lifesaver that makes the difference!

U-SAFE | A revolutionary buoy drive itself around in the water by remote control

video source: Nechstar 

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According to the Noras website, U-SAFE is “coming soon” and has been for over a year, so keep an eye out for updates!