What Does Location Mean on a Kindle?

location meaning on Kindle

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It’s been a while since you first got your Kindle and you have been wondering what is this location thing all the time.

The Kindle offers all of the text and images of a traditional book, but the page numbers are often different because books on this device usually have customized font sizes and line spacing.

With many different font choices and various options for line spacing available on Kindle, each user may seem a different screen.

But if you are wondering what does location mean on a Kindle, then in this article we will explain it to you.

Kindle Offers Different Fonts and Lines

page numbers on Kindle

Kindle can be customized to make it your personal reading device. This means that users will note the format is different for everyone by default.

When it comes to reading books on Kindle, each person has their own preference for font and line spacing.

The font can be changed to be bold, italicized, underline, or any one of the many other typefaces available.

Line spacing can also be adjusted so that there are more or fewer lines on the screen at once.

The device does not provide an explicit way to determine where one-page ends and another begins.

As a result, e-books include an option to use “location” or “page number” on every page.

What Are Page Numbers on Kindle

Page numbers in Kindle ebooks work a little differently than they do when you read a physical book. Kindle page numbers and printed page numbers are different and can be confusing for readers.

This is because when you’re reading on an e-book reader with customizable font sizes and line spacing, then page numbers cannot be the same as in the real book.

In fact, Kindle breaks down the book content into small parts and uses that to calculate how far along you are.

How to See Page Numbers on Kindle

STEP 1: Go to your Library and open any of your books.

STEP 2: Next, tap the top part of the screen to see the toolbar.

STEP 3: Select the Aa button.

STEP 4: Tap on the More tab and select the Reading Progress option.

STEP 5: Now, you need to switch the Page in Book option. NOTE: If you see that this option is blacked out, it simply means the real page numbers will not be available for this ebook on Kindle.

STEP 6: Go back to your book. In the bottom-left corner, you should see the page number.

IMPORTANT: With Kindle, you can use different ways to see your reading progress. While you can select the page numbers, you can also use other options – Time left in the chapter, Time left in the book, or Location in the book. It all depends on your preferences.

What Does Location Mean on Kindle

The Location on a Kindle is a way to keep track of your reading progress in a book when there are no page numbers available. Simply put, it’s the Kindle equivalent of pages.

It is the most accurate way for you to track your reading progress on different devices.

The location progress is located at the bottom of the screen on each e-book page and can be activated from the Reading Progress menu on your Kindle. The location number starts with 1 and goes as high as necessary for the entire e-book.


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