What Does SMS Mean on Facebook And how to Disable It

SMS on Facebook

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Facebook is trying to send you important notifications about your account and content outside of your preferred notification settings.

This social network is using three methods to get you notified about your account: email, browser notifications, and SMS.

In this article, you will learn what does SMS means on Facebook and more importantly how to delete SMS updates.

What Does SMS Mean on Facebook?

Sending and receiving text messages, otherwise known as “SMS”, is a widely used feature on Facebook.

SMS on Facebook is used to get notification alerts when a new action has taken place on your profile. With text messages, you’re notified of incoming communications like private messages or comments under your photos or videos.

Add Your Phone to Facebook to Receive SMS Notification

To receive text notifications from Facebook, you need to add your phone number. And it is quite easy to do it.

STEP 1: Go to Account Settings and then click on the Mobile tab.

STEP 2: Under the Mobile Settings, click on the green button with a text Add phone.

STEP 3: Enter the confirmation code Facebook has to send you on your phone to link the account to your phone number.

what does SMS mean on Facebook

Set Up SMS Notifications on Facebook

In the next step, you need to allow Facebook to send you SMS notifications.

STEP 1: Go to Account Settings and click on Notifications.

STEP 2: Scroll down until the How You Get Notifications section.

STEP 3: Select SMS notifications and choose everything you want to be notified of.

How to Delete Facebook SMS Updates

Setting up SMS notifications simply means, you are allowing Facebook to send you an SMS text to your phone every time someone comments on your Facebook page.

While this can be a useful feature for someone, if you no longer want to receive these SMS updates, you have to manually delete your phone number from Facebook to send these updates.

STEP 1: Go to Account Settings and click on Mobile

STEP 2: Under the Mobile Settings, click on the Remove phone button.

Now, your phone number is not linked to your Facebook account.

The Cost of SMS Notifications on Facebook

You should understand that SMS notifications you will receive from Facebook are not gratis. While Facebook doesn’t charge you for SMS notifications, your phone provider will.

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