What is a Difference Between Backup, Restore, and Recovery

Can you tell the difference between backup, restore, and recovery?

It’s not as simple as it may seem. In this article, we’ll explore these three concepts to help you understand what they are and how they can help protect your data and computer

Data backup, data restoration, and data recovery are three distinct computer processes. While the three processes are related, they have different purposes.

The purpose of a backup is to make a copy of data at one point in time. The purpose of a restore is to return data back to the state it was in at a previous point in time. As a part of the system recovery process, it is necessary to restore all components of the system, including the OS, drivers, software, hardware devices, and data.

What is Backup

difference backup vs restore vs recovery

A backup is a representative copy of data. It is a duplicate copy of information, data, or computer codes that will not be erased when the original content is cleared. Backing up files ensures that you always have the latest version and saves you from having to start over if something goes wrong.

There are different types of backups, such as a full backup, incremental backup, local backup, and mirror backup.

What is Restore

A system restore operates automatically on your computer’s operating system. It essentially reverses the changes that have been made to the OS by installing a previous version of the OS. System restores are useful for resolving a wide range of issues, from driver problems to malicious software infections.

In simple words, restore means to put back into its previous condition.

The process of a system restore is generally very quick and easy to do. It only takes a few steps to go through this process and it can be done from the convenience of your home.

It is important to note, however, that even with a restore, some data may be lost.

What is Recovery

backup vs restore vs recovery

Recovery is a process used to restore a database to the correct state when a failure occurs, for example, if a power outage has knocked the database offline. In this type of situation, recovery can be used to restart the database from where it left off and resume normal operations.

In simple words, recovery refers to restoring the lost data by following some processes.

When talking about PC, then recovery is the process of recovering a PC from software or hardware-related problems and restoring it to normal working condition.

There are many different ways to recover a PC.

However, the easiest is to use the Windows built-in recovery feature in the System app, which will give you an opportunity to reinstall your operating system and remove any viruses that may be on your machine.


This article has hopefully helped to clarify the differences between backup, restore, and recovery. There are many ways in which you can back up your data, but it is important to review your options and choose the appropriate solution.

Now you know that backup is done to computers or other storage media in order to protect data from accidental corruption or deletion.

Restore refers to restoring data that has been damaged or lost due to hardware failure, software error, or something else.

Recovery refers to returning a computer system back to an operational condition after a crash, power outage, virus attack.

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